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Questions and Answers: Has anyone ever seen a bright silvery ball?

Questions and Answers

Has anyone ever seen a bright silvery ball? <

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When I was six years old and living in rural Baltimore County, Maryland, I played in the woods and open fields that surrounded my home. On one occasion, I have a memory of a bright silver ball that hovered above me. It was large and I froze in my shoes just staring at it. I don't remember anything other than walking home and feeling fine. I do have one of those places on my lower leg that abductees often have. It is a small scoop out of my leg but not a scar. Just wanted to share this with someone who understands.


This sounds like an abduction and missing time experience for you which is why you are probably not recalling all the details about what happened. You have had more experiences than you are able to recall.

I was once talking with two men who had never met each other. Both were abductees. The first man joked about the scar on his left shin bone. The second man said he had no scars at all. Just for fun, I asked the two men if they would mind showing our group their left shins. Both men raised their pant legs and were astonished to see each one had an identical alien scoop mark of the same size and shape and in the same location. That was an eye-opener for everyone!

I have another friend who did a lot of farm work as a kid and periodically would see a big white ball come out of the sky and hover over his head. He thinks nothing happened because he can't remember it, but the odds are good, that there was some interaction between himself and the aliens.

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