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Questions and Answers: Has anyone seen snake skin aliens?

Questions and Answers

Has anyone seen snake skin aliens?

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I am a little intrigued by all of this. So many things in the past have started to make sense. Its like my life now makes sense in a way, like I am part of a secret but I still have not been told the secret. I am very amazed of that all the side effects I was having from the HIV medication are gone.

My legs, muscles, and joints, ached so bad the past month my doctor was suggesting we test for a bone marrow test. I am still a little numb on the left side of by body, especially a tingle and burning sensation in my hands, feet, and legs. I have had some pain and pressure behind by left ear. But otherwise I feel very much better.

A question if you can answer, why did you want to know about the dust in the room, and why do I recall the creatures looking so different from what others have described? Mine looked brownish, kind of snake skin, not real tall but not short either, a pronounced nose that stuck out and the mouth was open, I do not remember the eyes, appeared to be hairless, not very pleasing to the eye, but deep down I do not think they wanted to hurt me. I am still quite scared and have not gone to sleep every night until 6 a.m. or 7 a.m.


It sounds like you have encountered the Reptilians. It would be interesting to know if you are in a natural remission or if your alien visitors had something to do with your feeling better.

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