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Questions and Answers: What is the connection between dark shadowy aliens and the Epstein Barr syndrome?

Questions and Answers

What is the connection between dark shadowy aliens and the Epstein Barr syndrome?

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My friend (and yes, REALLY, my friend and not myself) just confided with me tonight that she thinks she has been abducted many times over the past 2 years while sleeping. She says a dark alien figure enters a normal dream she is having and at that time she knows she will be taken again. Then the dream goes black, but she feels something taking her over then feels hands holding her.

Then she is in a room with her face covered. She can see through a crack in the cloth and can see a grey/silver ceiling. She can feel herself being experimented/operated on and the last time, felt them put something inside her shoulder which was very sore for many days after awakening. When she wakes up, she is always lying in her bed sweating.

She feels that she can sometimes force herself to wake up to escape them-the last time, she woke up before she was returned back to her bed. At that time she knew it hadn't all been a dream. She is in her early 40's, has suffered from Epstein Barr disease for 10 years (VERY similar to chronic fatigue syndrome) and she saw 2 alien aircraft several years ago (I believe around l975) at a very close distance hovering over a house about a block away from her.

She and her friends chased it but, it took off. Also, she has a friend that works for NASA and she says she can now have complex discussions with him and knows formulas and has no idea how she knows those things.

I have not read much on this subject but, I know a lot of her story is typical of alien abductions. Is the dark figure in her dream typical? And also, is it common to be taken while sleeping and possible that she could control her being returned by forcing herself to wake up? Do you have any advice for her?


Everything you described is what has happened to other abductees, including the shadown aliens, the sudden scientific knowledge and the Epstein Barr syndrom.

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