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Questions and Answers: Why do aliens take people's clothes?

Questions and Answers

Why do aliens take people's clothes?

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I work with many abductees, and I don't believe the aliens are after our DNA at all. The needles, the removal of skin samples and reproductive material. That is all a diversion. You'll note that in every abduction case, the victims are stripped of their clothing while the aliens perform their 'experiments.' What's really happening is, the aliens are taking the clothing into a back room and copying the designs. They then make cheap knock-offs and peddle them at bargain prices on backwater planets. It's a fashion rip-off scheme. Right now, I'll bet there are entire planets in the Betelgeuse system full of poor slobs wearing imitation Calvin Kleins and Reeboks -- probably in terrible colors. hehe. Thanks! Get back.


And what body parts do you suppose they are piercing or tattooing since they don't have ears or other parts to pierce? Poor things, if only they had hair, they could at least color it orange or purple to look more like us.

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