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Questions and Answers: What are the red and blue blinding orbs?

Questions and Answers

What are the red and blue blinding orbs? <

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My husband and I along with 2 of our friends went stargazing at a ranch that borders Cuyamaca State Preserve just outside of Julian, California. The park is located in the Peninsular Range of mountains; from Cuyamaca Peak, at 6512 feet the second highest point in San Diego County, you can see Anza-Borrego Desert State Park in the Colorado Desert to the east and the Pacific coast west.

We were laying in the back of the truck and at About 12:30 a.m. approximately on or about June 15, 1986 (I have a hard time remembering) I had to go to the bathroom. My husband walked with me into the woods. Off in the distance we could see poachers spotlighting for game. I do not remember going to the bathroom at all because of the very large red and blue orbs that appeared one on each side approximately 50-100 yards apart from us.

The intensity of the orbs blinded us like a paralyzed deer in headlights. Slowly they came together directly in front of us and merged together to shoot straight into the sky. We scrambled back to where our friends were and were shocked as they began telling us how worried they were because we had been gone almost 4 hours. We never spoke about that night after that night.

Two years later we separated. Eight years after the incident he came back to California to visit our son. I asked him if he remembered the incident. His jaw dropped to the floor as he then told me that he has recurring dreams of it but he did not remember the actual incident or that I had been with him.

I also have a small circular scar on the inside of my left ankle that appeared after the incident. I do not have any dreams about it. It's more like the harder I try to remember exactly what happened, the harder it is to recall.


Your experience is typical of so many camping abductions involving missing time. Note also that your ex-spouse is the one with the dreams. This happens. Not everyone can remember, and sometimes the people who want to remember the most, can't! Many abductions occur while camping due to the subject being in isolation from other people or potential witnesses.

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