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Questions and Answers: What is the blurry red abduction monitor?

Questions and Answers

What is the blurry red abduction monitor?

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I had an inquiry, and I figured this might be the only place I could look for a possible answer without feeling crazy. Ever since I was very young, I've had dreams that would come true, and in most of the dreams there was a blurry form showing me what was going to happen. Usually these were small occurrences, but I had a dream that my grandmother was in a wreck a week before it happened. I sometimes have dreams that I am floating away from my body, and I can't stop it, and it scares me to death.

From the ages of 7-13 I had horrible nose bleeds all the time, and no one could offer me any reason for this. I'd wake up with blood all over my bed for no apparent reason, but I just figured it was a medical oddity. That is until I began waking up with bruises and marks on my body that would somehow appear for no reason. Once I had what looked like the imprint of an oversized fork on my stomach. None of these marks were blob-like regular bruises, but they had form, a shape even. I never suspected that I was of alien interest, and I am still highly skeptical, but a friend of mine is convinced that that is the only explanation for all the coincidences about my childhood. I haven't had a nosebleed in years, and I don't wake up with bruises anymore, and I also stopped having those horrible dreams about flying away from my body.

I used to also dream about driving with my mother, then she'd just suddenly vanish, leaving me completely helpless in a moving car that I couldn't stop, which also stopped with the nosebleeds and bruises. However, I still have dreams about things that are going to happen, which always start with a blurry red arm pointed at a monitor where I can see things and people I recognize, then I am placed in the scenario just as a viewer.

I have no interaction in these dreams. I just wanted to ask whoever it is I am writing to here, if this is all an odd coincidence. Hearing some one say that would greatly put my mind at ease. I am mailing because I had a dream that the red colored form held me and showed me that I was being taken somewhere in a car with a man with a gun. Is this just my imagination? And if this red figure is a higher life form, why would it want to warn me, and why would would it be so concerned, it put its arms around me as though it cared. Is that possible?

I just needed to say all this to anyone who wouldn't look at me like I was a loon, and I need a little advice, if that is at all possible. I understand that there are no experts in this field, although I wish there were. Thank you for reading this, I appreciate your time. Please respond if you have anything you'd like to say, I'd be very thankful of that.


It would seem that you certainly share a lot of similar experiences with abductees. Many people report having aliens show caring towards them, though it is hard to imagine how strangers could care about us, when we may not know who they are.

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