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Questions and Answers: Why did the aliens choose me?

Questions and Answers

Why did the aliens choose me?

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Why did the Aliens Choose Me when there are so many better people in the world who could have been selected?


Most abductees eventually trace their history of abductions back to early childhood. The Aliens chose you over the neighbor’s child probably because of one main factor, opportunity. It is no coincidence that most abductions occur in private or secluded areas away from prying eyes of parents, grandparents, or other people. Children left to play alone in the field, in the woods, or out back away from the house, are more vulnerable to abductions than children who are with others. Like a criminal stalking its victim and waiting for a private moment to attack, the Aliens operate in a similar fashion. Thus begins a lifetime of abduction experiences for a young child.

As children grow into teens and then adults, they participate in activities keeping themselves available for easier abductions: Camping, hiking, wilderness treks, and just plain wandering away from the family gathering.

If this does not seem plausible to you, consider your own situation. You may be coping with partial memories of abduction experiences which happened to you more recently as an adult. You may be puzzling over what happened last week, last month, last year or why you. You may be unaware of how deep your roots go into childhood abductions.

As an adult, you may be pondering over your nighttime abductions. But what does sleeping at night have in common with being alone as a child? The answer is--privacy. When everyone in a town is asleep, no one is watching out the windows. No one is looking for Aliens or UFOs. Nighttime, then, provides the opportunity the Aliens need--privacy to perform an abduction.

Nighttime abductions make it possible for even city people to be abducted, as seen in Budd Hopkins excellent book, Witnessed, when a mother was abducted from a twelfth story apartment window. Nighttime provides the necessary privacy, whether for Aliens or criminals.

Nighttime also reduces the Aliens’ risk of being visually spotted by the military, whether from the ground or air. Since the military’s goal is to shoot the UFOs out of the sky according to Col. Corso and to others, we presume the UFOs would be safer from attack if they can avoid being seen hovering above people’s homes.

Sometimes people are abducted just because they’re vulnerable. The best known example of this occurred with the four young men camping in the Maine wilderness in 1976. This famous case is known as the Allagash Abductions. Three of the four men were abductees since childhood but didn’t know it then. The fourth man had never been abducted--until he went camping with these friends.

Other reasons Aliens chose you might be for your specific biological characteristics. Indications are that Aliens are conducting genetic research on us and observing the results from one generation to the next. If this seems odd, consider the research being done in medical laboratories worldwide. Don’t our scientific researchers alter animals’ genetic code then watch what happens with the offspring of that group? It’s all done in the name of research. Who knows if the Aliens’ purpose is the same or different?

Many people live a lifetime without knowing they were ever abducted. If a family member is an abductee, chances are good a parent or child has been abducted as well. As the mother of an abductee said, "If I’ve been abducted, then I don’t want to know about it." For that mother, it’s probably best if she never finds out what happened.

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