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Questions and Answers: Are you familiar with contaminated aliens?

Questions and Answers

Are you familiar with contaminated aliens?

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Greeting, Fellow Persons,

Does anyone have chronic asymmetrical lymphedema from possible filarial worm contamination due to an abduction?! I have this condition, suddenly, beginning as an acute infection Jan 22, 1997.

Many of my life experiences, dreams, visions, etc, show a strong intersection with Abductee Life Experiences. I am not certain I have been abducted, but I have certainly been visited by both observing and by attacking Glowing Globes (six inch to 3 foot diameter) in the past.

Now I have this leg problem, normally deemed to be a "tropical disease" and hence not taken seriously by many small-minded physicians in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (NOT a tropical climate).

IF people ARE being abducted to group holding places for examination, and if MOSQUITOES are unwittingly also (accidentally) taken along...and someone present carries a mosquito-vectorable disease...others abducted may catch it.

Do you really believe the Abductors are (1) Clean, (2) Caring, and (3) Highly Intelligent?! I don't!


Your problems are very unfortunate, and is in response to Lymphodemic Leg Worms and Abduction Experiences.

Thank you for sharing.

* * *

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