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Questions and Answers: Why do I need an alcoholic drink at night before I go to bed?

Questions and Answers

Why do I need an alcoholic drink at night before I go to bed?

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I went to an all natural herb shop, trying to fix my problem, and while telling the owner my strange experiences, which, she was very perceptive, did not joke to me, actually took me as serious. She wanted to hear my stories, to which, I told several of my strange stories, she seemed to like the way I told them, I did not seem to take up her time, she was very nice to me. I am now taking this thing called Marshmallow and Thyme, which seems to help my coughing spells to a point. I feel real good right now, despite already downed about 5 cups of Cisco/Hi-C orange juice. I don't want you to think that, just because I drink, I see strange things, I have strange experiences. If you did not know, would you know that I drink every night just to sleep? That, in itself, is a very odd story.

I did not deceive you, the reason I drink, is TO sleep, and that is it. My very first experience with UFOs happened before I took a drink, that is the Gods' honest truth!!! I am only telling you this to let you know that I am very honest with you. I am not one to make-believe just to gain acceptance. The words I use are 100% accurate, as I have seen them. Well, as I am very much extremely sleepy, will say my goodbyes now, let me know what you think.


Many abductees, or perhaps even the majority, can't go to bed without taking something artificial to put themselves to sleep. This includes a glass of wine, or an alcoholic drink, night time cough medicine with alcohol, or other medications which induce a sleepy affect, over the counter sleeping pills, Tylenol with codeine, or other prescribed tranquilizers.

This is due to hidden fears of seeing faces hovering around the bed or other abduction traumas. Sometimes, the buried memories are so painful, the person does not want to risk remembering them. The goal is to make the transition from waking to sleeping without seeing any aliens hovering around your bed as you drift off to sleep.

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