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Questions and Answers: Is there any ancient evidence of aliens?

Questions and Answers

Is there any ancient evidence of aliens?

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Is there any ancient evidence that aliens really existed?


Historical evidence, from cave walls to ancient writings, coins, and artifacts, all suggest early civilizations were visited by aliens. The Greeks had an entire mythology based on the Greek Gods who came from the sky. The Bible has descriptions of tall giant men coming from the sky and having children with earth women. The Eastern religions had developed a culture based on training learned from alien visitors.

The ancient Egyptians had star maps drawn on walls inside the pyramids accompanied by hieroglyphics detailing their true home coming from the Orion constellation. The native American Indians have legends about star visitors helping them and named the star constellations accordingly. The Mayan Indians in Mexico and Central America had carved a calendar of future world events extending into the year 2000 and beyond. And the list goes on.

All of these people had built their culture around visitors from the sky. But consider this -- if these early people had invented these stories, they could have had their mysterious visitors and gods coming out of natural earth scenery, such as volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, or caves, but they didn't. Instead, their stories share the common perspective of their receiving guidance and training from alien visitors from space, be they Gods, angels, or the Nephilim.

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