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Questions and Answers: How do you skywatch for UFOs?

Questions and Answers

How do you skywatch for UFOs?

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How do you get started skywatching for UFOs?


1. Start reading everything you can at our web site about how to videotape UFOs that you cannot see with your eye. It really works.

2. Watch the sky and clouds. UFOs can change size and shape. Become familiar with shapes of clouds. UFOs are often seen near balls of light. They can take on the appearance of a cloud or other ground structure. Some photographs show clouds turning into a UFO.

3. Carry your camera with you. It can be a 35 mm or a digital camera. It can be a still camera or video camera.

4. After you videotape, playback your tape in slow motion, one frame at a time. There is a good chance you may see UFOs that your human eye could not see. Watch for the black streaks or magnetic distortion occurring in a frame. It is very fascinating.

5. Contact us immediately if you find anything interesting.

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