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Questions and Answers: Does hypnosis work to uncover hidden memories?

Questions and Answers

Does hypnosis work to uncover hidden memories?

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When I was 14, my friend and I were walking to her house from my house. We lived in the country. My parents were at her house visiting her parents. They were outside and sitting on the other side of the house where they could not see us.

We had gone to my house to get something and were walking back to her house. We were walking along and playing and next thing we know we were standing straight as a board and looking up at a ufo that was right above our heads. We looked at each other in total shock and could not believe that we had just seen a ufo in broad daylight. Then we started walking again and cutting up like nothing ever happened.

When we got to her house we had told our parents that we had just seen a ufo. They of course made fun of us and did not believe us. But they asked us why we were gone so long. We had told them we were not gone that long. Which to us we hadn't been. We thought we just went to my house and back. I don't know how long we were gone but to us it seemed we were gone for about five minutes.

The UFO we saw was silver and long shaped. It was very quite. When me and my friend looked at each other in shock and looked back up it was gone just like that. I know we were abducted and have no memory of it.

There was one night when I had a dream. All I remember of the dream was I was on a table in a very bright and clean room. There was aliens around me. The ones with the big black eyes. I was screaming at them like I was a little child telling them to leave me alone and get away from me. Then I woke up and my heart was beating so fast and I had so much fear in me. I wonder if they came and got me that night. I really don't know.

I have heard of people being hypnotised to find out what happened to them. I have thought about it and wonder if I do if the memories of what the things these monsters did to me will be very hard to forget. Right now all the memories I have is what I have told you.

My question is. . . If I do get hypnotised what will the side effects be as far as my mind goes? Is it best just not to know? What I have told you is true. I wish that it wasn't and I often wondered why they brought us back home. I feel like an alien science research subject. It is very creepy to know that they can pick you up just like that and you not know it. Please respond to my letter and let me know about being hypnotised.

--question from the UK


Hypnosis is only as good as the person doing the hypnosis. While hypnosis does unlock buried memories, it takes a skilled hypnotherapist to allow those memories to come out on their own. It also takes a mentally strong individual to cope with the impact of remembering buried experiences, because it will unleash an emotional tidal wave in your mind.

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