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Questions and Answers: Is it aliens or ghosts?

Questions and Answers

Is it aliens or ghosts?

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Have you ever considered the possibility that this "Glowing Alien" Possible Alien Photographed might be an apparition (APPARITION: Manifestation of a spirit visible to the eye. Must be visible as a recognizable human or animal shape) as opposed to the Alien/UFO connection? Just one more guess!

I Specialize in conducting professional paranormal research, gathering credible data and valid orb (Ghost) photography. I am dedicated to documentation, education, research and investigation of paranormal phenomenon (Spiritual Energy Patterns) balls of light and vortices recorded through film and video photography.

I belong to the (IGHS) Inner Circle Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame represents those IGHS members who are experienced, trained and follows the IGHS Standards and Protocols for Field Investigations and I'm a proud member of the (AGS) American Ghost Society specializing in ghost research in a non-metaphysical manner with the goal to collect authentic, credible evidence that ghosts really exist and a California Area Representative for the American Ghost Society.

Lori McDonald, CGH


The deeper we go into "ghost" research the closer we get to aliens and/or interdimensional beings. There was a time when these areas were studied separately, but more and more, they are appearing to be one and the same. This comes out of current Quantum Physics research into subtle energy, which is very powerful and can transform into many different shapes.

The alien photo is not a ghost photo. What you are seeing is the alien's energy field surrounding its body. According to one of the biophysicist's who studied the photo, the orange color surrounding the alien is consistent with what such an energy field would look like.

The man who took the alien photo didn't expect it to turn out and was simply tired of being abducted. We have learned that ghosts and alien abductions go hand in hand. Just for fun, the next time you are investigating a ghost situation, try asking some of the questions from our survey.

You will soon find out that people who report seeing ghosts, invariably have stories of seeing alien beings around their bed at night, either as adults or children, or who recall being floated through the bedroom wall, or who remember the bedroom ceiling opening up at night, etc. In other words, if the family reports ghost activity, you will invariably find alien abduction activity occurring with one or more family members. That is why we pursue reports of ghost activity so fervently and want to see all the pictures we can get our hands on. We know that reports of ghosts indicate a high probability for abduction activity.

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