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Questions and Answers: Who are the blue aliens?

Questions and Answers

Who are the blue aliens?

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Has anyone reported sexual encounters from little blue tormenting alien beings? Long gray shadow beings pulling you from your bed while you are paralyzed with fear? Have you awakened gasping for air and having a overwhelming desire to protect your children to the point you verbal threaten" whatever or who ever " is not visually present with you?

Do you have a feeling ahead of time that they are coming, maybe just a flash of a thought that, unwanted company might show up tonight? Are their interest only with fertile humans and do the encounters subside when conception is no longer a possibility? Have any encounters happened while a person is ill or have they become ill after an encounter such as pneumonia or unexplained female problems?


While encounters with blue aliens are less frequent, many abductees report a sense of knowing one or two days in advance that the aliens are coming. Fertile humans are of great interest to the aliens and unusual female problems are very common among women.

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