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Questions and Answers: Do aliens get sick?

Questions and Answers

Do aliens get sick?

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Do you think humans can only see aliens if they believe they are real, and if they don't believe in them will the alien look like a normal person or would it not come to a nonbeliever? Also why do people presume they are green? Is it because they get travel sick from coming so far at unimaginable speeds? Also, do aliens necessarily live on foreign planets or is it possible that they could be a sub-race on Earth, but they are disguised, or be gaseous, or just look like us externally but be totally different inside. All of these questions plague me and answers would set my mind at rest.


Even people who don't believe in aliens have seen them. There is very little hype these days suggesting aliens are green, and while a few aliens are actually a greenish color, it is not due to any kind of Earth-sickness. Aliens are believed to have lightweight or hollow bones like birds, to facilitate their travel. Aliens are not a sub-race of Earth, though they are seen in remote areas hiding or refueling.

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