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Questions and Answers: Are low-income families abducted?

Questions and Answers

Are low-income families abducted?

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I have read extensively on the subject of unexplained abduction, particularly circumstances where individuals report abduction from heavily populated areas, such as apartment buildings/flats, cities, etc.

I have to date found no reports of abductions among the prison population, inmate or staff in the U.S. or elsewhere. I likewise have found nothing regarding this phenomenon affecting lower-income urban populations, or those in hospitals, or from naval or cruise ships, or from aircraft. I would appreciate any leads in these areas. Thank you for your time.


There was one prison abduction report which made the news during the 1990's from Ohio. Lower income families have less access to the internet and are not as aware of the topic, so we are less likely to hear of their experiences. Hospital abductions and related cures have been reported. A few aircraft abductions have apparently involved the entire aircraft as well as its flight crew.

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