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Questions and Answers: How do I find my abduction cycle?

Questions and Answers

How do I find my abduction cycle?

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Since no one has figured out how to schedule abductions, the next step is to understand the abduction cycle. Understanding what your captors want from you will help you feel less like a victim. Knowing what may happen next allows the abductee to feel less like a victim and more in control. In some ways, think of it as managing an incurable disease. Once people understand what disease they have, it is easier for them to cope with periodic medical treatments and manage their personal stress related to the disease. <

Knowing what may happen means predicting to the extent possible when the next abduction may occur. The best way to know is to start keeping a journal. Or, if you used to keep a journal, start it up again. In the morning, record anything unusual that happened to you while you are in bed at night. Write down bizarre dreams, even if you didn’t see Aliens in them. Record sensations of flying or being "out of your body." Record sounds inside the room, your own head, or from outside which are unusual or which reminded you the Aliens are coming. Write down strange dreams where you find yourself reliving a puzzling experience from childhood or another point in your life. There may be a clue in that dream as to what happened to you regarding abductions. Record any obsessive thoughts you have on a particular day that the Aliens are coming.

If you see any Aliens in your bedroom or in the house at anytime, write it down. Write down any thoughts which come into your head at the time and note whether it was typical for you or not. Note your sensations as you lay in bed at night. Do you see any bright lights? A beam of light? A ball of light? Alien eyes? Feel yourself becoming paralyzed? Write down any dream sensations you can recall which occurred.

Also, record the date, time (if you woke up afterwards), and the weather conditions outside. Was it cloudy? Storming? Snowing? Windy? Approximate temperature? For instance, you will likely discover that abductions don’t seem to occur during severe thunder and lightning storms! Hmm. Could be the Aliens don’t want to be zapped by a lightning bolt when picking you up that night. They may be leery of that kind of uncontrollable electrical situation which would interfere with their safety and the safe operation of their transport vehicle.

Other related oddities to record in your journal are things you find when you wake up in the morning: Record any electrical appliances which were blinking at you indicating a power failure during the night, or microwave ovens flashing in the kitchen indicating there was a power outage, or finding exterior house doors unlocked in the morning when you were sure they were locked up last night before you went to bed, and so on. Because you will have recorded the weather conditions, you will be able to discover if the power outage was related to the weather, other causes, or to an abduction.

After you have started keeping the journal for a few months, go back and read the journal. You may see a pattern developing. The pattern will become apparent by the things you experienced that seemed one of a kind occurrences the night they happened. But now looking back, you may see a pattern. Start by looking at things that seem to happen weekly. They look at every two weeks, every three weeks, once a month, and so on. At some point, given enough events recorded in your journal, you may see that your abductions are occurring on a fairly predictable pattern. You may even find the day of the week is consistent from one abduction to the next, and is only off a day now and then due to stormy weather!

Some popular abduction books say abduction cycles every so many years. Some books claim abductions happen once every five years. However, once you start keeping a journal, you’ll probably find there are a lot of other abductions occurring in-between the five year markers!

Your age and gender has a lot to do with your particular pattern. Younger people may be abducted less often. Females will probably find a more predictable pattern especially if they are being abducted for reproductive purposes. It is possible for females to determine their patterns based on insemination or impregnation date, then to count off the specific number of weeks until the next abduction when the embryo or fetus is then removed by the Aliens. Then the female may be inseminated or impregnated again until the same number of weeks passes to allow the embryo or fetus to reach the size and development desired by the Aliens. Then the Aliens abduct the female again, and the cycle starts again.

Gay men and women will find their abduction situation is the same as for heterosexual people. Procreation means reproduction and Aliens interested in reproductive studies or preservation of their species will use people, regardless of sexual preference, based on their gender. Likewise, teenage girls or single women are just as vulnerable to being used for reproductive experimentation or breeding, whether sexually active or not.

Keeping a journal will spotlight these events and indicate your particular pattern. If you do not find a pattern at first, keep recording these events anyway. As time passes, eventually you will discover some pattern or quasi-pattern. The pattern of events may indicate why the Aliens are abducting you. Then you will gain a better understanding of what they want with you or are taking from you.

As with any incurable disease, understanding goes a long way towards coping. Being able to cope with the stressors caused by abductions means feeling more in control -- and less like a victim. Being able to predict the abduction cycle reduces the stress you feel in-between abductions.

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