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Questions and Answers: Are these super aliens or interstellar clowns?

Questions and Answers

Are these super aliens or interstellar clowns?

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By most accounts, UFO's are interstellar vehicles, able to travel many light years in an undefined, but "reasonable" amount of time. Certainly less than centuries. This suggests that they are able to travel faster than light, or perhaps, use time travel. Both supra-light and time travel are far beyond current human understanding of physical principals. Most of our physicists would say both are impossible.

Yet, aliens apparently accomplish super long distance travel with ease. To
me, that means their understanding of physics is as far ahead of us as our physics is ahead of ants or bees. They are so far ahead of us that if they wished - they could land in Central Park and collect all the specimens they wanted. How would we stop them? Why are these super-humans sneaking around in the dark? Why don't they just kick the human ant-hill?

And, if for some reason we don't understand they MUST make these supposed abductions in secret, why do they do such a bad job of secret keeping? Dozens or maybe even hundreds of people claim to have been abducted. That isn't much of a secret. Not to mention the cattle mutilations and crop circles - also at night. What are those? They're like billboards that say, "Don't Look, We're Not Here". Maybe the aliens are great physicists but bad conspirators. And this whole thing of alien/human sex is just silly.

If these super-scientists need human eggs or something, why don't they just harvest a few and clone them? Surely beings capable of interstellar flight know as much about biology as we do. They could mix up any kind of genetic stew they want to. Believers just can't have it both ways. Either you have interstellar super-beings or interstellar clowns. Based on these abduction stories, Earth is Amateur Hour for aliens. For me, I expect the first human/alien encounter to be more along the lines of "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Gort, where are you?


Good points. Quantum physics is where physicists are looking to explain travel. It bypasses time as a requirement. It is theoretically possible. This is how Einstein's theory of relativity started. First it was just a theory. Then it was proved.

Alien/human sex is used for cloning. If you have seen some of the recent programs on the Discovery channel, you would see how cow eggs are harvested from the ovaries and used for propagating heart and liver tissue for other animals. Cow eggs (ovum) are used because they are more plentiful than human eggs. Perhaps the aliens are doing the same with humans. Maybe human eggs are like cow eggs to our researchers.

Why do you presume this is a secret? People don't believe what they see anyway. Look at some of the terrible things done by American politicians. The public refuses to believe the truth about the politicians. Why wouldn't the same be true of aliens abducting people or animals?

You say you don't believe, but I think you do believe. It is just difficult explaining to yourself why so many people could miss the obvious.

Are these super aliens or interstellar clowns?
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