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Questions and Answers: Can a teenager have a dream that comes true?

Questions and Answers

Can a teenager have a dream that comes true?

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Hi. My name is Sarah and I'm 15 years old. I've never been interested in aliens until I was about 14. All of the sudden I wanted to know everything about them and spent every summer day going to different websites. Anyway, about 3 years ago I had this dream that I was walking up this "hill." It wasn't steep or anything. I knew there were two people walking up with me.

At least I think they were people. I never looked at them but I could sense they were there right by me. But the weird thing was was that the hill was in the middle of my street. I remember going up and going down but I don't know what I did when I went up there. I remember walking down but I didn't sense the "people" right by me this time.

I knew quite a bit of time had passed. I don't know how much. I just knew that I went up there for a long time. That's all I remember. I didn't think anything of it when I woke up. But last summer, a man wrote about his abduction experiences and about a dream he had that he was going "up a hill" I almost fell over when I read it.  It was almost identical to mine. Have you ever heard of this kind of thing before? Or am I just going crazy? Your help will be appreciated.


Other people, usually kids or teens, have reported going up a hill that wasn't there before and entering what gave the appearance of a house. However, some of these people later learned it was not a house, but a UFO. No one can say for sure what happened to you. Perhaps as time goes by, you might be able to remember more. It is a difficult thing. If you find yourself feeling troubled about this subject, then drop it. You don't want it to dominate your life when you should be focusing on school, family, and friends.

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