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Questions and Answers: How can you tell good aliens from bad aliens?

Questions and Answers

How can you tell good aliens from bad aliens?

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How can you tell good aliens from bad aliens?


Like the old expression goes, "you can’t tell a book by its cover." Well, the same is true with Aliens. You can’t tell an Alien by its cover. And its cover might be extremely beautiful, or extremely ugly, or anything in-between!

All right, that goes contrary to what you have heard from other researchers and abductees out there. We know that. We know there are excellent researchers and well-meaning abductees out there telling everyone that "the good Aliens have blond hair and blue eyes and the bad Aliens are the ugly ones." Judging a book by its cover makes no sense to us. Neither does presuming that ugly Aliens are automatically evil Aliens!

In fact, promoting the fair skin, blond hair, blue eyed stereotype is reminiscent of Adolph Hitler’s plan in the 1930’s. Back then, Hitler developed a breeding program to promote his idea for a perfect race: fair skinned people with blond hair and blue eyes. The rest of the world’s people were evil or no good according to Hitler. Well, we don’t agree with Hitler’s simplistic and destructive views. Nor, do we want to be silly and accept that all pretty people are wonderful.

But appearances can be deceiving as people learn in life. Alien appearances can sometimes change form, shape, or disappear, as many abductees know. So, how do you know if your Alien captor is good or bad? You don’t know at first. You have to judge an Alien as you would a stranger. Use the same skills in judging an Alien that you use when meeting a stranger for the first time. How does the Alien treat you? Does the Alien hurt you or comfort you? Aliens are like people in that respect. Aliens are all different, with different appearances, different purposes, and come from different cultures. Their differences are what we want to know more about.

Now, this is not to say all Aliens are bad, or that all beautiful Aliens are bad. Many abductees report very positive experiences with the blond Aliens, known as the "Nordic" types. Perhaps the Nordic types are the good ones. But is it possible some of the other Aliens could alter their appearance to look like the Nordics? Looking like the Nordics might gain them quicker acceptance than their real appearance, which might be odd, ugly, or even scary. Just a thought.

Many abductees report positive experiences with less glamorous Aliens, or being loved by Aliens who are downright ugly. So who is right? The kind of generalization we should be making here is: What are the common denominators among the various Alien groups? How can we begin to categorize the various types of Aliens based on physical appearance and behavior? Then we can begin predicting the kinds of experiences, good or bad, that people may encounter with these different groups of Aliens.

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