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Questions and Answers: Why did a pole fall out of the sky when I was a child?

Questions and Answers

Why did a pole fall out of the sky when I was a child?

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I feel silly abut this, but it's haunted me since childhood. I don't really have any of the classic signs of UFO abductees that you have in your quiz--just 12. When I was a child, I was playing in my grandmother's yard during a cloudy day. I had this feeling I should look up. I looked straight up in the sky and falling from it was a pole. The pole would have fallen right on the top of my head if I hadn't looked up and seen it and move one step over.

It was a red and white horizontally striped pole. It was a light red (maybe almost a dark pink). It was sort of diamond shape on both ends except the tops were flat and both diamond-shaped ends were solid red (pink?). I took the pole inside my grandmother's house where my mother, grandmother, and Aunt were in the kitchen. I don't know what happened to the pole, but I always had and still do have the very strong feeling ( almost a memory?) that it should be behind the door in the kitchen of my grandmother's house, but it isn't and has not been.

I still feel compelled to look behind that door like it will be there. The house doesn't even belong to my family anymore. It is empty and falling apart. My grandmother, mother, both Aunts, cousins, and myself have had some strange experiences there as well as other places, but nothing you could put to hard fact. I think I was around 5 or 6 at the time, and I am now 38. Have you or anybody had a similar experience? I just want to know what happened. If it was something really strange or completely explainable and why the memory has bothered me so over the years.


The pole falling out of the sky was definitely a unique experience.

You are experiencing what a lot of others are going through. You are also the right age to begin wondering what has been happening to you all of your life and why didn't you figure it out sooner, etc. You are not alone in this. We've all been down that road. Many people experience all kinds of sensations involving other objects or visuals involving UFOs. Now that you are actively thinking about this episode in your life, you will probably begin getting clues from your dreams at night or flashbacks during the day.

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