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Questions and Answers: Why did I wake up with a 4 inch cut under my arm?

Questions and Answers

Why did I wake up with a 4 inch cut under my arm?

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When I was 19 years old, I woke up one morning with a 4 inch long surgical cut underneath both of my arms. The cuts were at the outer edge of my pectoral muscles just under my armpits, and only visible if I lifted my arms.

The cuts were more than an eighth of an inch deep down to the muscle tissue, but did not bleed and had a thin layer of skin covering them, although the muscle tissue was visible.

I knew the only explanation was an alien abduction because I had gone to bed with a heavy sweatshirt on and was still wearing it when I woke up. This was around 20 years ago and was not a common topic of conversation at that time. I was most frightened about it because the cuts were unlike any surgical cut on this earth. The tissue never healed in more than twenty years and is still missing as if my body never even knew it was cut.

Finally this week I became aware of a type of molecular knife that is apparently used by aliens, and would explain these strange cuts.

My question to you is, do you know of any other people who have been mutilated in this way, especially where it would not be readily visible? And what do you think an alien would want with so much of my body tissue? Thank you.


We have some remarkable surgical photos at the web site. There are some fascinating photos of a man with a triangular cut near the location you describe, but not quite under the arm as you described. Most alien surgical cuts heal very rapidly, but they do come in all types and sizes. Some appear to be straight lines, triangles, circles, punched out shapes, etc.

Many times the scars appear in out of the way locations, such as behind the ears, on the back of the neck, or even on the back itself, making it something most people don't discover on their own.

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