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Questions and Answers: Was my mother abducted in 1910?

Questions and Answers

Was my mother abducted in 1910?

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I wanted to ask some questions today. One, does alien contact usually run in families? My mother saw a UFO on her way to church when she was a young girl. She saw it arrive, and saw it leave and couldn't remember the time in between. She was walking through the fields in about 1910. Now I have frequent dreams of contact with Alien scientists and doctors.

My second question is since those scientists and doctors were very concerned with the state of my reproductive system. Now that I am over menopause, will those visits continue to slow down and eventually stop? I will miss the aliens if they do.

Well I have a third question. Why do I not seem to think to ask the aliens many pertinent questions when I am with them? Is it possible that I am only remembering a small fraction of the contact that we have had?

Well that brings me to a fourth question and I will leave you alone for a week or so. Do you want to know what I think from the thirty years of contacts I have had with the aliens?


Yes, alien abductions usually run in families. It sounds as if your mother may have experienced a possible abduction during her missing time experience in 1910. Many women report a slow down in abduction visits after menopause. We understand your comment about missing the aliens. Yes, you are only remembering a fraction of your alien discussion, though bits and filters have a way of slipping out in flashback memories or in dreams. Yes, please let us know your views of thirty years of alien contacts.

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