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Questions and Answers: What can be done to prevent a child from being abducted?

Questions and Answers

What can be done to prevent a child from being abducted?

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My daughter has been saying odd things about aliens since she was three years old. She is four years old now. First, I was flipping through channels one night when I came across the big scene in Close Encounters where they showed the face of an alien that was very similar to a "gray" face.

I changed the channel because I thought the program may be to scary for a three year old and she said, "No, no, change it back!" (of course she said it like a three year old) I changed it back and said, " You want to see that?" And she said, "Yes, he come to our home."

It scared the hell out of me because I've had several experiences in my life that made me question whether or not I had come into contact with UFOs and aliens from childhood on. It bothered me but I just put it in the back of my head. I always try to be as scientific as I can and not jump to conclusions.

I am a single father, and her mother has brought her back from visitation with blow-up aliens on two different occasions. My ex said she insisted it was in our home. She could only said, "If they (the grays) are testing on her, what could you do about it anyway?" Is there anything that can be done to prevent abduction?


Your letter raises some interesting issues. First, it is normal to report positive contacts with aliens, BUT it is NOT TYPICAL. Most people are terrified of the prospect of alien contact. Of course, book authors prey on the fears of their audiences by keeping everyone terrified. However, your daughter is very young and has not learned or had a need to fear the aliens.

Perhaps she'll never have any fears where aliens are concerned. Your sister's idea of testing is only part of what aliens do. A very large part of their mission seems to be shaping people's attitudes about their world or to teach them about the consequences of not taking better care of the earth, etc. Being afraid of aliens is a learned behavior.

Fear is a learned behavior. That is why we so often marvel over people who engage in "dare devil" behaviors. We are fascinated with what we perceive to be as their bravery. But it is not bravery at all. It is simply risk-taking behavior without ever having been hurt or suffering any consequences. Hence, no fear!

In the case of your daughter, it sounds as if her contact has been positive. In other words, she may regard these beings as her secret playmates. This situation has occurred for many others. People have different kinds of contact with aliens. It seems that most people are traumatized by it, but there is still a sizable group that is deeply intrigued with their life experiences and continuing to learn more about alien contact.

You may have noticed the AAER web site takes a very positive view of contact with other beings. This is so different from other people and web sites which would have all of us hiding under the covers! We are glad your daughter is not afraid. It is very likely the alien influence is or has been a part of your life from what you have described about your life. Would you describe yourself as afraid of alien contact or intrigued with it?

You may have reached a point in your life when you are curious enough to start exploring what happened to you when you were younger, and what really happened. Your attitude about alien contact will be based on your experiences. The difficulty as a parent is always wanting the best for our children and wanting them to be safe from all possible harm.

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