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Questions and Answers: Did a UFO leave white dust on my front porch?

Questions and Answers

Did a UFO leave white dust on my front porch?

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I found your web site this morning. I have a question and have been unable to find an answer easily. One morning I had a perfect dusting on the front porch of my house I was renting at the time. There were no foot prints, marks of any kind. It looked like drywall dust after someone had sanded patching of drywall work. I didn't think to leave it there & just swept it off. It was a warm morning, no evidence of this dust anywhere but my front porch. I had bushes in front of my porch and someone had told me there is a type of bush that releases "dust" once in a while. I found it most odd because it was such a perfect covering and only on my porch.

I've told this story, and of course, most people chuckle & think me "strange." I have not had a personal encounter (only a dream where I told "them" to go away and leave me alone) but I am a believer. If you have ever heard of such a thing, could you please E-Mail me or let me know of another site I can search? Thank you. I am not talking about the evidence found in homes that had actual visits. This dust covered my entire front porch. Any help is appreciated.


Your porch dust is certainly suspicious. You have described it perfectly and you noted its unusualness as to timing, location, etc. This type of dust, when viewed under high magnification, looks like round (sometimes exploded) hollow spheres with intricate detail inside and out. They are about 20 microns in size, etc., which is 20/1,000 of a millimeter or about the width of a human hair.

But if you want to see photos, and read about these special spheres, please read the research at the web site done by a biophysicist. I did the photo enhancements and am very familiar with this dust! There is more research at our web site called Physical Evidence of Alien Abductions May Exist in Household Dust

Also, most non-abductees don't dream about aliens because it is not part of their circle of life events or things to ponder. . . .so, you may want to reconsider your dream!

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