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Questions and Answers: How do you know if you have been abducted?

Questions and Answers

How do you know if you have been abducted?

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How do you know if you have been abducted?


This is a question many people ask. Their inquiries are ignited by fleeting memories of Alien eyes, or strange dreams at night involving UFOs or bizarre surgical procedures. Yet they know most "normal" people do not dream about these things at night.

Where do you fit in? Generally, most abductees fit into one of the following categories:

Group 1: A few abductees have waking memories of an abduction experience. They are able to remember entering the UFO and talking with their captors. They are able to remember some of the procedures done to themselves. They may even remember insisting they would remember the experience after it was over. No one knows why they are able to remember when others in the same circumstance could not. Out of a hundred abductees, only a handful will fit this category.

Group 2: Many abductees are unable to retain a complete memory of their abduction experiences. Sometimes they remember a few moments of a critical event. Often what they remember returns to them in a split second as a flashback memory. This fleeting memory is triggered by something happening near them that sets off the memory of that event. Their ability to recall their experiences in greater detail is enhanced through hypnotic regression. Debunkers challenge hypnotic regression as not genuine because the information wasn’t remembered previously. However, many police departments use hypnotherapy in certain crime cases. Hypnosis is used to bypass the terror experienced by the witness to get to the facts, such as the criminal's license plate number or facial description.

Group 3: Other abductees suspect they have been abducted by the strangeness of their dreams or unexplainable marks they find on their bodies in the morning. They have come to realize their years’ of dreaming about being inside UFOs or interacting with Aliens is clearly "not normal." In fact, it’s outright unusual. After talking with others, they learn other people don’t dream about being in surgery or being probed or tested by beings with oversized eyes. As they put the missing pieces together, they realize their abduction history has roots back to childhood.

Group 4: The last group of abductees are the people who dismiss the abduction scenario as too strange to be true. They do not want to know anything about their abductions or will even deny an obvious connection to the family's abduction history.

No matter what scenario describes your situation, the fact that you even suspect or wonder if you have been abducted is a clue to be investigated. Ask yourself, what suspicious things are happening to you which make you wonder about abductions? Are you dreaming repeatedly about UFOs and Aliens? Are you waking up with unusual scars, marks or bruises on your body? Are other relatives being abducted?

In truth, people who suspect they have been abducted are often deeply troubled by their bizarre experiences for which they have no other explanation. They are afraid to tell their family and friends for fear of ridicule. They may "clam up" around other abductees who insist the world is full of "wanna-be abductees." This attitude blocks abductees from sharing experiences and learning from each other.

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