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Questions and Answers: Why did a man's face with a moustache wake me up at night?

Questions and Answers

Why did a man's face with a moustache wake me up at night?

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I don't know if this is the same as the woman's floating heads "the ones that laughed and sniggered at them but. When all odd and "evil" and unusual things started happening to me that is one thing I guess I had kind of blocked it out since it was one of the first things I saw.

This was a man's face. He had medium brown colored hair and a brown mustache. I could see his eyes and his teeth when he would laugh at me. I thought it was because he wanted to go insane or something stupid like that. He would show up wherever and whenever he wanted. He would even wake me and night calling my name.

His favorite place in house was in my bedroom. He would appear in or around the air-conditioner window unit sometimes laughing with just one big eye like looking thru a peephole. He wanted me to call my parents or whomever else would believe I was really gone crazy. It worked just like he had it planned.

My parents would come and he would be in same place as when I called but as I found out this was the first in a very very long list of strange and odd happenings. My parents couldn't see or hear the little twit. He loved it as he would just laugh harder with them standing there. I would start yelling and cussing him. As for Mom and Dad, that was the start of the wreck off their happy go lucky daughter.


Other people have reported seeing floating faces or heads of men or women, young and old. The difficult part is handling family who can't see or find it hard to believe these things are really happening.

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