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Questions and Answers: What do you know about the Day Family abduction in England?

Questions and Answers

What do you know about the Day Family abduction in England?

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Have you ever heard of the Day family abduction from England?


The John and Susan Day family abduction occurred on October 27, 1974. They were from Aveley in Essex and had been visiting relatives and were hurrying home to watch a play on TV. The 3 children were in the back seat of the car on the return drive home. It was 10:20 p.m. They saw a blue light briefly in the sky, then rounded a bend. They drove straight into a bank of green mist. They were only inside the mist for a moment or two, then emerged out of it with a bump. The radio crackled and for some reason, John panicked and yanked out the wires. Then they were back home and John decided to fix the wiring while Susan put the children to bed. That was when Susan noticed the 2 hour time difference and saw they had gotten home much later than she realized.

by Jenny Randles.

In the following months, the Day family began to experience poltergeist outbreaks and had nightmares of monsters. The children also had these dreams. Eventually, the family went to see Dr. Leonard Wilder who regressed the parents back to that night on the road. Under hypnosis, John and Susan described how their car was stopped inside the green mist and how they were taken aboard a UFO by tall figures in silver suits with cat-like eyes. John and Susan had out-of-body experiences and were able to see themselves being floated out of their car.

During the abduction, the aliens revealed that John and Susan's world would be hit with an environmental disaster and showed them holographic images of it. The aliens indicated they had been watching humans for many years and that we were part of a genetic experiment which seemed to involved children in some way. If you want to read more about this case and others, them we recommend reading Book Review: Alien Contact--The First Fifty Years

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