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Questions and Answers: What do aliens look like?

Questions and Answers

What do aliens look like?

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You have mentioned that other people have had similar experiences as myself. I wonder if anyone has seen the same alien beings as me because my aliens did not look like what they show on X-Files or Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I would also like to know if anyone has ever gone through hypnosis to get a clearer picture of an incident like mine. I do not wish to spend money on something that would not work. I may be willing to try it if it has helped others. I am particularly curious of my time spent in the environment behind my wall. I feel this was not a dream. Yet it did feel like only a few minutes for what I know had to have been a full night's time. What do aliens look like?


You are correct that aliens portrayed on TV shows do not usually match real life aliens. Aliens have been documented in hundreds of types and sizes, from 3 inches up to 15 feet tall. Some walk on two legs and others are shaped like balls of light as small as a golf ball or as large as a house. Some aliens look like robots, metal objects, or animals. Other aliens look like giant insects or praying mantises. Some wear clothes or uniforms, and some do not. Some aliens float through walls and others walk in through open doors. Aliens have all types of skin: smooth, rough, bumpy, furry, lizard-like, etc.

Their skin can be warm or cold, wet or dry. Skin colors are gray, white, tan, brown, gold, yellow, green, blue, pink, orange, red or black, along with other shades in between. Their eyes can look like a human, cat, lizard, insect, alien, etc. Some have fingernails and some don't. Some have webbed fingers and others have suction cups for fingertips or claws or pincers. Some aliens have skin that glows in the dark. Many people have undergone hypnosis to help recall the details of what they experienced. Many people have fleeting memories of something happening at night but only recall it through dreams, flashbacks or hypnosis.

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