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Questions and Answers: Did aliens take my testicle?

Questions and Answers

Did aliens take my testicle?

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A week ago from today I was abducted. I was sleeping in my college dorm and awoke to something that felt like a snake slithering all over me. I opened my eyes, and to my surprise I saw two beings over me, not humans, but similar. They seemed much skinnier and shorter, and their skin seemed almost reptile-like. I don't remember too much else about my experience. The next morning I woke up and  everything was OK, except I was missing a testicle. Why would they do this to me?

-- Backy McCracky


Hi Backy! Great hearing from you again. You didn't write to us all summer. But now you are back in school with your wacky sense of humor. Have you thought of changing your name to Wacky Backy? Anyway, we thoroughly enjoy your "alien sense of humor" in all your e-mails. It keep us laughing because we don't want to take ourselves too seriously.

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