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Questions and Answers: Why was I a navigator for blue aliens?

Questions and Answers

Why was I a navigator for blue aliens?

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My experiences being trained as a navigator for the blue aliens have only happened while I've been sleeping. It could have been OBE (out of body) style or it could have been super vivid programmed dreams. Either way, I came away from it all with gobs of instilled knowledge.

The dreams always had the same format with two parts. The first part would always be me flying (7 out of 8 times I'd be flying the ship with the one other time keeping myself level with tree tops while being encumbered with a heavy, bulky backpack) and then the second part would always be the discussion afterwards with about 12 people around a round table. I don't know the location of the meeting place. I'd fly into space (always near a planet or a star) or in Earth's atmosphere.


The blue aliens are a lesser known group and clearly out of the mainstream media. Other people are being trained as navigators or warriors and it will be interesting to see if you have similar recollections.

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