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Questions and Answers: What are implants and what is their purpose?

Questions and Answers

What are implants and what is their purpose?

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What are implants and what is their purpose?


Implants are foreign objects found in some abductees’ bodies. Evidence suggests implants are inserted at various times into the abductees' bodies and removed or replaced for unknown reasons. Implants are usually attributed to Aliens, but new technology exists for human implants as tracking devices, though not yet approved for use in the United States. However, it is certainly possible that various military or security agencies around the world could be using these technology secretly.

Implants come in different sizes in shape. Round implants vary in size from a tiny bead to a larger, rounder object the size of a dime. The bead-like objects are usually detected in the sinus cavities or nearby area. Sometimes there is a twisted metal strand on one side of the bead as if to prevent dislodging. The larger dime-size objects are seen at the brain stem. Some wedge-shaped implants are found near the shin bone on the leg. However, implants have been found in hands, feet, and arms as well. Abductees under hypnosis recall seeing these bead-like objects being forcibly inserted under or behind the back of their own eyeballs. There is almost no limit as to where implants can be inserted into a person’s body.

Implants often go undetected during a person’s lifetime unless medical testing is needed. Tests such as MRI’s and x-rays both detect implants. Dental x-rays are also known to reveal implants. When discovered on MRI’s or x-rays, medical staff will not necessarily bring these unexplainable objects to the attention of the patient.

Implants may be composed of a variety of metals or other materials found on Earth. However, the underlying atomic structure of the molecules wrapped with other substances may be a technology not yet known to exist on Earth. Some implants form a bump under the skin. Upon having the bump removed, people learn that it contained a softer, spongy material of unknown origin. Most people are at a loss to conjecture about the purpose of such a spongy material.

Based on their metallic qualities, it is speculated the implants may be transmitters, receivers, tracking or communication devices. Here are four possible ways Aliens could use implants for conveying information about abductees:

1. As a transmitter, information could be sent from the Aliens to the abductees alerting them to an impending abduction. Information transmitted could wake the abductee up to a conscious level, a particular dream level, or to an out of body state. Alert abductees would sense something an internal change. Many abductees believe they can sense that an abduction will occur that night when they are sleeping.

2. As a receiver, the implant could send biological information about the abductees back to the Aliens. Much like the way satellites monitor Earth’s weather changes, the implant could send continuous physiological information back to the Aliens.

3. As a tracking device, implants could serve as location markers for where abductees are located at any point in time. As conservationists and wildlife specialists follow herd migrations, so could Aliens follow migration patterns of abductees under their watchful eyes. As abductees know, "you can run, but you can’t hide" from the Aliens. Perhaps this is the reason. Abductees know if they are away from home, say on vacation, they are vulnerable to a "pickup"or abduction if it is time. Police departments use similar tracking devices known as tethers for certain criminal offenders. The tethers transmit an electronic signal registering the person's location to the monitoring device.

4. As a communication device, the implants could facilitate one- or two-way communication with the abductees. This could explain why some abductees hear their names called from inside their heads or hear other instructions or guidance information coming from inside their heads. The communication process could be subtle, such as to transmit any extreme emotion being experienced by the abductees. Whether danger or joy, the impact of the emotion could be communicated back through such a device. Many abductees believe there is a telepathic or mental link-up process that begins the day of an impending abduction. The abductees are able to sense the internal physical or psychological changes which occur prior to the abduction.

There are a number of advertised claims from people claiming to be able to remove your implant for a fee. Buyer beware is the best advice here. Your first question to yourself should be, do you have an implant? Not everyone does. Before agreeing to any removal, ask questions, such as, how do they know where the implant is located if you do not know? Ask about the procedure to remove the implant. Is this a surgical procedure? If so, who is doing it? If you are not conscious during the removal procedure, not allowed to watch, or unable to detect slight of hand tricks that a magician might use, you run the risk of being duped. This is not to say all such claims are fraudulent, just be careful. A charlatan can dupe you into thinking the implant hidden in the palm of his hand was removed from your sinus cavity, when it was not.

Not all implants are removable. Implants deep into the skull next to the brain stem are not removable by Earth medical technology. How they got there is unknown to the doctors and patients.

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