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Questions and Answers: Are reptilians the alien bosses?

Questions and Answers

Are reptilians the alien bosses?

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Having the reptilians oversee matters is actually quite contradictory to the idea that the greys are the leaders so to speak. I personally would tend to believe that the greys are indeed the "leaders" for one reason. You find grey reptilian hybrids, grey human hybrids, and so on, but very rarely do you see a reptilian human, and so forth. I hardly claim to be an expert on the subject, but it seems to me that the hybrids are all grey hybrids. I think it would be interesting to find that the reptilians oversee things as a security detail, or students, rather then being the big cheese of the operation.

I do have a question I'd like to ask you about all of this. In the aftermath of an abduction, some people report implants, scares, or various types of radiation and chemical exposure. A few people have life long medical problems after an abduction it would seem. The question is, has anybody ever undergone permanent changes in body structure? Things like internal organ shifts, height, or weight changes, body temperature changes? And what about major changes in IQ. levels? (Such as 10 or more points.)

Anyway, I'd like to thank you for your time, so, thank you.


You have asked good questions. For starters, it appears the greys are the ones most likely to be clones of themselves or to be used as hybrids. They are certainly the greatest in number, or at least the most visible.

It is true that some people have received lifelong medical complications -- or cures from aliens. Yes, there have been permanent body changes along with implants. Here are some things I have witnessed.

1. I have seen some rather spectacular MRI's showing implants where the doctors said the person could not have survived having such an object inserted given the level of surgical knowledge on Earth.

2. Another man in his 50's was recently complimented by his surgeon on the very excellent previous neck surgery. However, the man had never before had any such surgery, except that which was done by the aliens!

3. Another man in his late 30's has grown 2" in the past two years which he attributes to aliens, although we can't rule out an undiagnosed medical problem.

4. I had always heard that abductees had lower body temperatures than other people. So, I checked it out with several doctors' offices. They informed me that about 25% of the population has a lower than normal body temperature.

5. I have heard of and seen various implants and scars. Women are most prone to medical reproductive complications. Radiation sickness has claimed the life of many household pets, especially dogs. But this is one of those lesser-known details. As for IQ increases, I am not aware of anyone having conducted any tests as you outlined. However, it is my observation that abductees (regardless of race, culture, or income) are better educated or more philosophically accepting of alien visitors than their peers.

6. Unfortunately, people tend to categorize aliens based on appearance. There is a popular myth in this subject area that beautiful aliens are good and ugly aliens are bad.

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