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Questions and Answers: Why do you believe in alien abductions?

Questions and Answers

Why do you believe in alien abductions?

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Jack writes: I appreciate the affirmative feedback I have received from you. We should continue talking about this whole topic of aliens, as I am sure you have some insight, which I have not considered. My last email was written regarding a certain object thought to be that of a probe. This probe is composed of oxygen, carbon and sulfur. If one were to view the mysterious object without aliens introduced into cognition, one may come to conclude that it was merely a build up of molecules. All life is composed of oxygen and carbon.

AAER writes: Carbon-based life is a bit more complicated and usually includes hydrogen and methane. Oxygen is not considered one of the requirements for creating life because it cannot form long chains which are required (organic chemistry).

Jack: The sulfur remains a mystery but could also have built up through chemical means.

AAER: Many people report the smell of sulphur when near a UFO.

Jack: The photo is blurred and distorted considering its size relative to a penny.

AAER: There are hundreds of UFO photos at the web site. Some are clear and many are blurry. Blurry can indicate motion, out of focus, changing dimensions, etc.

Jack: I then move onto the issue of the orange alien. The photo looks clearly edited. The hypothetical alien is smeared leaving it up to the alien aficionado who already assumes it is an alien because It exists on a website dedicated to alien research. Have you ever looked at a photo of a light taken at night? It kind of has that same smeared affect.

AAER: The orange alien photo comes from a reliable source and was not faked. I added the bone structure in the other photos to illustrate how the creature may be more insect-like than human-like. I have heard from at least 3 other people who encountered this particular glowing orange alien in the past 25 years, that this is the same alien they encountered with terrifying results.

Jack: Just add in the odd bone here and there and you have constructed an alien skeletal system from a mere photograph. I remember when I first stared viewing your site, I came across a man who claimed to have invented a thought screen helmet. His name was Michael Menkin. Are these people who believe in alien telepathy so convinced that they alter their perceptual worldview? Can a helmet made of simple human materials stop an alien who is far more superior? This idea of a thought screen helmet is erroneous.

AAER: Michael Menkin is the inventor of the thought-screen helmet. He is very dedicated in his efforts to find ways to block alien thought waves. His concept was humorously poked fun at in the recent "Signs" movie starring Mel Gibson. Other experimenters have tried using solid boxes, etc., but without much success.

Jack: I then move onto the dialogue written about the alien tracheotomy and the photo as evidence. The dialogue is actually quite amusing as I am sure the viewer already knows why this is not credible. The close up photo shows a ruler pointing at a red mark on her neck, clearly like someone rubbed their skin vigorously before the photo was taken.

AAER: I took the photo and know the individual quite well. The mark was real even if it did not photograph well.

Jack: I have yet to see a clear photograph of ufos and one that ends up in a news paper from some reporter who has seen one.

AAER: There are many clear, authentic photographs out there and some have been taken by newspaper photographers. Why should the newspaper publish a photo of a UFO when it is still popular to ridicule the topic? Their goal is to sell advertising space to businesses in their newspapers, not to inform. The news is incidental to the profit margin.

Jack: There is no indication before Christ that aliens existed.

AAER: Read the chapter "Ezekiel" in the Bible as if it were a historical event told by people who did not know modern technology and could only describe what they saw in terms of what they knew - sun, fire and wheels. It then takes on a whole new meaning.

Jack: Some believe that aliens constructed the pyramids, however this has proved false as the Nile was used to transport the rocks downstream.

AAER: There was a man who explained the construction of the Pyramid rocks as ingredients mixed up on the spot in a mold. He replicated what he felt was their method and attempted to have it published in the 1980's, but never got too far with it. Given the amount of astronomy involved in the charts inside the pyramids, it seems as if the Egyptians were influenced by visitors from space, along with Native Americans, Mayans, and the Vedic people of India, etc.

Jack: So far these aliens if they exist, remain peaceful and only want to understand us by abducting us and viewing us in are worldly environment.

AAER: There are many kinds of aliens - good, bad, and a lot in the middle. The bad ones are really bad. The good ones are like angels, but the rest are in the middle somewhere.

Jack: Why do they have to continue abducting individuals to understand them? Would not a few humans suffice?

AAER: It is an assumption on your part that the aliens have a need to understand us. They don't have to understand us and they don't have to explain themselves to us.

Jack: Why do they not share technology with us?

AAER: The U.S. does not share its military technology with other countries. Why should the aliens want to share their technology with us? People could mis-use it or blow up the world.

Jack: I just find that these questions remain unanswered.

AAER: Perhaps my comments helped you consider things in a different light?

Jack: If they contact these people and remain to have friendly conversations, then why don't they ally with us and share in technology.

AAER: Technology can be used for people or against people. There is no point in sharing with friends who can become your enemy. As an example, the U.S. labeled Osama Bin Laden a freedom fighter against the enemy in the media 10 years ago. Now he has turned against the U.S. and has become the enemy.

Jack: I am not writing this to make the editors of this site angry. I am however just trying to understand what you believe and why.

AAER: You have not made anyone angry. You have an open mind and are trying to understand why so many people would believe in life forms visiting Earth. You'll learn more if you browse through the Alien Contact section, read the Questions and Answers, Features, Research, and look at the photo sections at this web site.

Jack: This has been an idea that intrigues me but lack of proper evidence eludes the topic.

October 8, 2002

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