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Questions and Answers: Why do aliens abduct people?

Questions and Answers

Why do aliens abduct people?

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Why do aliens abduct people?


Different Aliens abduct people for different purposes. While reproductive purposes get the most attention, other purposes reported by abductees have included observations of humans being observed, tested or trained in a variety of situations, or even as victims of occasional Alien rape.

Lt. Colonel Philip J. Corso, author of The Day After Roswell, lists three possible scenarios for why Aliens are hanging around Earth. According to Corso, these scenarios were developed by military intelligence analysts after the Roswell UFO crashed in 1947. These scenarios were based on the military’s observation of Aliens’ actions toward people on Earth:

1. The EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) were simply conducting scientific experiments on earthly life-forms and collecting specimens quietly without any need to alert us to their presence;

2. The EBEs were actively collecting specimens and conducting experiments to determine if this planet was suitable for their use, with complete disregard to their actions upsetting people;

3. The EBEs were using the experimentation and specimen collecting to infiltrate or invade our planet.

Lt. Col. Corso explained the military did not want people to be used as organ donors for the Aliens or as their source of food! The overall strategy developed by the military which continues to this day is this: It is better to plan for the worst-case scenario, rather than be surprised.

True, these speculations seem so remote when we sit in the comfort of our homes, but who knows what will happen when the Aliens officially land on the President’s front yard? Don’t most people carry an umbrella when it looks like it might rain?

People come in all sizes, colors and shapes, range in varying degrees from good to bad. We prefer to think Aliens may line up the same way universally--in varying degrees from good to bad. But, since we are not charged with defending the Earth from Alien invaders, we can afford to be more open-minded and more critical of the military.

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