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Questions and Answers: How can you take control of your abductions?

Questions and Answers

How can you take control of your abductions?

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How can you take control of your abductions?


Most abductees want to know how to stop the abductions. Many have tried various ways to interrupt the abduction process and some even believe it works, until the abductions start up again. Some of the more popular methods to control abductions are leaving bedroom lights on, keeping a radio or TV on all night long, or setting up video camcorders with automatic timers to turn on at midnight and shut off at 6 a.m. The purpose of leaving lights or appliances on is to scare away Aliens. Using a timer and a camcorder is to record Aliens entering the bedroom, thus getting proof of their existence once and for all. Other people have tried motion detectors or UFO detectors.

As clever as these tactics are, they haven’t scared away the Aliens. At least not yet. None of these electronic devices worked when they were supposed to due to unexplained power outages during the night. At best, setting up these devices delays getting into bed. These activities may even distract abductees sufficiently to feel more at ease about crawling into bed at night.

The bottom line is that no one has yet figured out a way to make abductions stop altogether. So, if abductions can’t be stopped, what’s the abductee to do? Try controlling your fear! Some abductees believe in the power of positive suggestions to control their fear of going to bed at night. These abductees think a list of positive comments each night in bed before falling asleep. These comments are intended to calm and reassure themselves they will wake up safe and unharmed in their own beds. Other abductees use prayer as a way to comfort themselves before succumbing to sleep at night.

Adventurous abductees say try programming your brain! Program yourself to wake up each time you are contacted by Aliens prior to the start of an abduction. Waking up interrupts the abduction process because Aliens supposedly prefer to abduct a sleeping person. Of course, you may need to go through this repeatedly all night long, an exhausting ordeal, but there are people who do this. How they manage to drag their tired bodies to work the next day is another problem to consider!


If the previous suggestions are too tame for you, consider participating in the abduction experience. Yes, as a participant, not as a victim. Now, before you throw up your arms, consider this: these abductions will continue whether you want them to or not. Rather than fight off the Aliens every time they come for you, give yourself a chance to participate peacefully in the experience. How? By programming yourself to wake up calmly into the abduction experience. Here’s how.

After you crawl into bed at night, tell yourself that your brain will wake you up the next time it is contacted by the Aliens. Tell yourself you will remain calm when it happens. Repeat these instructions to yourself over and over until you fall asleep. Do this every night even if nothing happens for a long time. Eventually, the Aliens will return for you. When they do, you will wake up into the beginning of the abduction experience and in control of your behavior.

When the time comes, you will find you are not as afraid as you would normally be at the start of the abduction process. You may also spare yourself the need for the Aliens to stun or paralyze you if you can keep yourself calm. You may find fewer Aliens standing around your bed (and scaring you!) to escort you out of your bedroom.

If you are one of the lucky ones, you may be connected with "good" Aliens. These are Aliens that you enjoy being with, regardless of appearance. Maybe they healed you when you were sick or just showed they cared about you. You may be glad they came back for you! You may find they are letting you walk yourself into the beam of light--happily and voluntarily. Suddenly, you are not a victim anymore. You are in control. You will feel like the Aliens are your visitors, rather than bedtime intruders. Your encounters can become positive. In time, you may overcome your fear of abductions.

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