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Questions and Answers: What do you know about childhood abductions?

Questions and Answers

What do you know about childhood abductions?

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My 7 year old daughter was awakened the other night shortly after going to bed, and said that the ceiling had opened up and a space ship appeared and she described the "aliens" as big headed, small bodied stereotypical alien types. She was petrified, and swears she was awake and not dreaming. I remember a made for TV movie a couple of years ago supposedly based on a true story about a little girl who was visited all through her childhood. I'm a little freaked out, because my daughter is very bright, and not at all prone to this type of imagination or story fabrication. What do you know about this type of thing?


Children are often good reporters of what they see. They describe something as they see it with their own unique language. They perceive their surroundings and how it affects them.

It is no coincidence that abductions begin in childhood. Many unexplainable childhood experiences occur at night in a dark bedroom. These same children try to describe what they saw, heard, or felt to the adult family members. But, most adults scoff at such fantasy, and this is often where the child learns not to discuss it with anyone.

Unless your daughter is exposed to movies and books about alien abductions, chances are she is not sufficiently aware of this occurrence to have fabricated such a story. If she were to fabricate such a story, then what purpose would it serve?

Assuming your daughter has not been exposed to the movies on this topic, it is likely she is in the early abduction stage. You will find it helpful to read the different articles and questions posted here. Many of them will answer your questions.

Since abductions continue from one generation to the next, you may begin wondering if abductions have been a part of your experience or that of your daughter's father, or perhaps one of her siblings.

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