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Questions and Answers: Have you ever heard of abduction terminals in the military?

Questions and Answers ?

Have you ever heard of abduction terminals in the military?

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Have you ever heard of abduction terminals in the military?

My story started at age five in 1951 when I saw a spaceship when we were living in West Virginia. I told my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I don't have to tell you what their reactions were.

When I came home from Vietnam in 1967, I was twenty one years old and in the army. I was stationed at Fort Ord, California in what was called C.D.E.C. OR COMBAT DEVELOPMENTS EXPERIMENTAL COMMAND. We would be bussed eighty miles out into the Mojave Desert to "HUNTER LIGGETT MILITARY RESERVATION" which was where we did our so called experiments.

One night while on guard duty around October 24, 1967, I was with three other soldiers who I thought were my friends. I noticed a strange light in the sky and called it to the attention of the three soldiers who were with me. At that point it became larger and brighter and started giving off an orange fluorescent trail when five smaller craft dropped out of the bottom and formed a V- formation and were headed right for us.

As the craft closed in on us, I began to hear a kind of echoing blip, like water dripping into a pool but with echos. I believe these sounds are the beginning of the abduction and are what paralyze people for targeting, just like a poacher hunting at night with a bright light.

The next thing I knew I was on a table eyeball to eyeball "literally" [with the aliens]. My friends weren't anywhere to be seen. I wondered if they suffered the same ordeal that I had. I was given some kind of examination. Then I was escorted to another part of the craft where I was brought before what I perceived to be an angel or some kind of deity at the very least. I was told many things of which I cannot recall except that something wonderful was going to take place in the not too distant future, whatever that is to them.

I was taken for three hours and my friends were not. When I was returned, I told my friends we had to tell my platoon Sergeant about what had happened. After telling him, he told me that I had better keep my mouth shut. After hearing that, I insisted that it go on record. He told me that he and other people had seen them, too, and warned me that if I persisted I would go to the psycho ward. For my efforts, I was sent to the psycho ward at Ft. Ord, California.

My executive officer LT. HAMMOND believed me and even came to the back door of the ward I was on at great risk to himself. He told me he and some other officers chased strange lights all over the desert but were unable to catch them for three nights in a row.

Since that time I have come to believe that this is just one of many abduction terminals around the world with the blessings of our government. This is a perfect example of "military justice." Years later I got with Budd Hopkins. Sometimes when I see old so called friends now, they want to talk UFOs and aliens. I tell them, "Wasn't that you who told me 31 years ago that those things that you are relating to are insane thinking and you're insane?"

-- question from Ohio, USA


Your experience shows how many military people are aware of the abduction phenomena but are afraid to speak out. The military intended for your punishment to serve as a warning to you and your friends that they had better keep quiet or suffer the consequences. We are glad you shared your experience with us. We suspect you have been an abductee all your life, even if you are unable to remember other abductions. It shows how hard the military will work to discredit someone's true story of alien abduction. If anyone else has experienced something similar with the military, please let us know.

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