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Questions and Answers: Are humans being cloned by aliens?

Questions and Answers

Are humans being cloned by aliens?

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Do you have any information on the hybrid clones that the government is creating? I believe that if they are doing this, it is only to enslave us, and have these clones help run the new world order. Please reply soon. I would greatly appreciate some information, facts, or theories on these matters. Are humans being cloned by aliens?


There are many different views on the value of cloning. Medical personnel and fertility specialists foresee great progress in treating human suffering through the use of clones. The possibilities are endless. If used positively to help mankind, cloning body organs could save lives and improve the quality of life. Childless couples unable to have their own biological children the "normal" way would have the cloning option available. However, as with any new technology, there are always those who will abuse the power and the technology. Virtually all news stories focus on the negative aspect of cloning, because it is sensational and sells!

It is unfortunate how few stories focus on the good that cloning can do medically. We spoke with an ophthalmologist who attended a conference featuring a speaker on the subject of cloning. The speaker's interest was in cloning parts of the eye for surgery. Cloning eyes for living tissue implants would have a better success rate and would be more adaptable than some of the plastic implants or less successful alternatives available.

Some abductees have seen clones of themselves. One abductee saw a life-size clone of himself at his present age. Next to this clone was a clone of himself looking as he did as a young boy. One of the gray aliens was standing near both clones. What did it all mean?

However, some abductees are suspicions that the United States government has known about cloning humans for years. It is hard to imagine such an incredible feat having been kept secret for so many years. If the government could not keep a secret that UFOs were real, how could they have kept human clones a secret? We are not so sure.

The following report is from abductee K. Wilson and her experience with aliens on the subject of human cloning.

When Nightmares Come True - Human Cloning

By K. Wilson 1997, Date: Tuesday, August 05, 1997 20:38:23

>In July of 1993, I found myself standing outside at night near the entrance to an underground base that was situated inside a mountain. I saw official-looking people and some military personnel.

A "Blonde" being with dark brown eyes said to me: "Your Government is performing human cloning experiments. Men and women are being cloned and experimented on. When the experiments are over the clones are used for prostitution by the scientists, the government people, and the military personnel. After they are 'through' with them or no longer want them, the clones are killed."

[1] After learning this, I was very sad for I had recently had another encounter during which I saw two clones of myself. The Blonde continued: "Our technology was taken from us. Your Government manipulated us into believing they would use our technology to help your species, but instead, they used it for their own purposes. It is out of control. It is beyond our ability to stop your Government without your help."

[2] Feeling a sickness in the pit of my stomach, I wondered what on Earth I, or any other abductee could do to stop these abuses. After all, cloning is supposed to be impossible - and besides - no one believes in aliens. I felt completely helpless. Cloning - It had always been considered "impossible" until it was accomplished by Dr. Ian Wilmut in July of 1996, at the Roslin Institute, in Roslin, Scotland, a suburb of Edinburgh. Kept secret from the public until February 23, 1997, the story broke in newspapers around the World. "Dolly," a seven-month old sheep, is the first official clone of an adult mammal the World has ever seen. Since July 1996, "the Roslin Institute has cloned seven sheep, including three breeds from different cell types." They proudly admit that the technology is "equally applicable to pigs, goats, rabbits and indeed, any mammal."

[3] The term any "mammal" would, of course, include human beings. It is the cloning of this mammal in particular, that seems to be the genesis of all the controversy. People aren't concerned for the animals who are already being used as drug factories, or for the animals who are going to be cloned, killed, and used to provide organs for humans. Most human beings are only concerned for themselves. Most people believe that the only sentient, conscious beings on the planet are human beings, and all other species are secondary. I feel deep in my heart that this is not the case. However, since this is not an essay on animal cruelty, I encourage you to look at the following references for more information about what you can do to help alleviate the needless suffering of millions of animals in our society. After all, it is your tax dollars that are being used in these experiments.

[4] Motivation Along with Dolly's creation has been the creation of much controversy and fear. The driving forces behind this controversial technology are the same two factors that have been driving human behavior for hundreds of years: money and power. These unfortunate "drug factory" animals are being used by the pharmaceutical companies because the drugs these transgenic animals can produce have a current market value from about $200 million dollars to $7.6 billion a year, with an expected growth to $18.5 billion dollars by the year 2000.

[5] It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the amount of money to be made by selling animals' organs which have been genetically altered for human transplantation will far surpass this figure. The history of the medical "industry" clearly shows that this research would never have been funded in the first place if it did not hold the promise of being an enormous money-making endeavor. Who Will Clone? An ethicist at the University of Missouri at St. Louis named Ronald Munson said the technology of cloning was simple. "This technology is not, in principle, policeable. It doesn't require the sort of vast machines that you need for atom smashing. These are relatively standard labs. That's the amazing thing about all this biotechnology. It's fundamentally quite simple."

[6] Scientists believe it will be impossible to police the technology of cloning or to enforce a ban on cloning. Presently, cloning people is against the law in several countries, including Scotland and England, but there are no laws against cloning in the United States. While reading the many articles that were published the first two days after the announcement, I came across a quote by a Jesuit priest (who is also a geneticist) whose words I found meaningful. "People might not understand clones. Although a clone would be an identical, but much younger twin of the adult, people are more than the sum of their genes. A clone of a human being would have a different environment than the person whose DNA it carried and so would have to be a different person. It would have to have a different soul."

[7] Lee Silver, a biology professor at Princeton University said about the discovery, "It's unbelievable. It basically means that there are no limits. It means all of science fiction is true. They said it could never be done, and now here it is, done before the year 2000."

[8] This brings me to the claims of abductees, which, unfortunately, I'm sure all of the above scientists would consider to be "science fiction." Abductees' Claims Over the past five years, possibly longer, some abductees have claimed to have seen people who they believed were clones of themselves or other people they did not know. It is not easy to admit, but I am one of those people who have witnessed this.

During an encounter in 1993, I saw two women who I knew were clones of myself. One was eight months pregnant and the other was a prostitute. They were both living in an underground facility. Neither of these women had a choice concerning their lives. They were just like the thousands of animals many of our scientists create to experiment on. It was devastating for me to see these women. They were both living miserable and hopeless lives and were at the mercy of their "creators." This information may be difficult for some people to believe because of the subjective nature of certain aspects of the abduction experience. However, I must emphasize how important it is to consider all of the facts during an investigation of the unknown. We cannot omit these reports simply because they are too disturbing or because they are only being reported by a handful of individuals. I want to share a series of quotes with you. The first is by a hypnotherapist named Barbara Bartholic. Barbara was a close colleague of the late Dr. Karla Turner, who worked with, and wrote about Ms Bartholic in her book Into The Fringe. Ms Bartholic has researched well over 300 abduction cases since 1987. "Throughout my work, from the beginning it has been evident that they [speaking of the aliens] are capable of creating clones in large numbers. Probably the fetuses they take at such an alarming rate have to do with cloning procedures, nourishment procedures, et cetera. If the aliens know how to clone, they know everything there is to know about the human body. They know the recipe for the human body from molecule to molecule..."

[9] During a regression by Barbara Bartholic, a man named Fred related the following information, which may be the description of a cloning procedure. "I feel like they are doing something to me with the animal. They are doing something with me, my blood, my sperm and my genes. They are injecting my fluids into this animal...Then I remember seeing another type of animal running around. I can't remember what the animal looked like, but it was bizarre. Seems like the animal is part human - part animal."

[10] In 1994, Dr. Karla Turner wrote in Taken, " far the most alarming evidence of alien technology concerns the 'new' bodies and 'clones' they manufacture. Whether these are really bodies for a future human 'resurrection,' as Pat was told, remains to be seen, for other explanations have been given. In a case privately reported, for instance, a man was told that a duplicate of his body could be used to 'replace' him if he didn't 'cooperate' with the aliens. Lisa, too, was told that other people wouldn't be able to distinguish her cloned body from the original, if they chose to replace her. And Angie was shown the cloned infants as part of a 'novel breed' the aliens are producing."

[11] I had a conversation with a male abductee in 1992, involving clones. We were talking, in general, about our experiences when he lowered his voice and told me that he had seen what he believed to be clones in an underground military facility. He said they were all sleeping inside some kind of rectangular containers which were lined up in rows. While he was sharing this information with me, the man clearly became frightened and his voice became softer and softer until he stopped talking. When I asked him to continue he said he was so afraid that he did not feel as if he should tell me any more about the experience.

My last example occurred in April of 1991, and is published in The Alien Jigsaw. I was standing outside my door on the porch in the middle of the night. I was wearing my nightgown and I was looking into my courtyard at a blonde humanoid being with a small male child. They were both wearing white, tight fitting, one-piece body-suits and they both had thin white hair and huge, blue eyes. The child looked exactly like the father. After we made eye contact, the child recognized me and I "knew" in my heart that he was my child, although he didn't look anything like me. However, he was a "carbon copy" of his father. Even at that time, I suspected that the young boy was cloned from the father because they were identical, except for their dispositions and their heights.

If I was the mother, which I still believe to this day, then I may have been some type of "surrogate" mother. If the cloning procedure that was successfully carried out by the Roslin scientists is used by the aliens (or the human scientists we see during our experiences), then the hybrid children we interact with may really be ours. Indeed, these children may have as many as three mothers who were all involved in their creation and they may be aware of this. It would not be inconceivable for the aliens to consider all females involved in the cloning - creation procedure to be the mothers of these children. "It's Fundamentally Quite Simple" Those are the words spoken by the ethicist Ronald Munson at the University of Missouri at St. Louis. "This technology...doesn't require the sort of vast machines that you need for atom smashing. These are relatively standard labs."

[12] It is also very important to keep in mind something that Walter Bowart wrote about in Operation Mind Control. "There is usually a twenty-year lag between a laboratory development of a new technology and its applications at large."

[13] Yes, the Roslin scientists went public with their new discovery a little over a year after the mother sheep became pregnant, but what about scientists who work for the NSA, the CIA, or other more secretive agencies? Abductees have been telling researchers about seeing clones of themselves and other humans for years prior to the announcement by the Roslin Institute. Why? Could it be because they were accurately describing what they saw?

To my knowledge there have only been three or four researchers who have been brave enough to share this information publicly. Perhaps now that cloning is "out of the bag," we will be hearing from other abduction researchers who will not feel so threatened now that this technology is possible. I wonder if the following experience could have anything to do with this subject. Perhaps, at the very least, it will give you something to think about while contemplating the issue of cloning. "I remember sitting down somewhere and someone is telling me something: I'm being told that I'm part of an experiment. That my life is part of a big experiment. Many infants were chosen to be part of the experiment and the government is part of it. They are either the experimenters alone, or they agreed to sacrifice us to the aliens as part of the experiment. My life - even when I was a tiny baby - wasn't my own. I remember what it felt like to finally be told this - the emotions welled up inside of me and I was overwhelmed with sadness from the confirmation of it. To find out that you are but one of many experimental subjects and that your government is doing part of this to you - it's terrible."

[14] Notes:

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I covered this subject in a short chapter in my book The Alien Jigsaw, on pages 289-290. The best web site for information on this subject is PeTA: People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals PeTA can also be reached by writing to: PeTA, P.O. Box 42516, Washington, D.C. 20015-0516. ** For one of the best books on the subject of diet, the treatment of animals, and what the Federal Government allows to be "injected" into, and fed to the animals you eat - including cancer causing agents - refer to John Robbins' Diet For A New America, New Hampshire: Stillpoint, 1987. You can probably find a copy at your local library or through PeTA.

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