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Questions and Answers: Have you ever heard of green slime falling from a UFO?

Questions and Answers

Have you ever heard of green slime falling from a UFO?

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I would like more information on alien abductions, in the Northern Utah region. I have seen some things I cannot easily explain. I would really like to know what this green stuff is that falls from the sky when the U.F.O.'S are out. Can you explain? It is a fluorescent glowing green substance that looks like light then like jelly like slime, when it hits the ground it seeps into the ground without a trace. I think if isn't the aliens, its our own government, and I get the feeling judging by looking at this stuff it can't be good.

Are they poisoning our land and water wells? I really would like to know, I feel really sick since I've seen this and so do the others that have witnessed it also. I sometimes think its some type of radioactive substance. It really bothers me because we were so close to this stuff, when it fell from the sky. I would greatly appreciate any information you might have on this you would like to share. I feel our health is being threatened.


If you have any green slime, you can send it to us. We will have it analyzed. We have asked our field investigators for their opinions and will report as soon as they have news. If you have a videotape or pictures, please send copies.

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