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Questions and Answers: How do I find out if I've been abducted?

Questions and Answers

How do I find out if I've been abducted?

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How do I find out if I've been abducted? Where would I find a reputable hypnotherapist in the area?


You can find out if you have been abducted by examining your own life. Compare your experiences with others. Did you take the alien abduction survey? Your "yes" answers will shed many clues on your life. Although many well-known abductees like to point an accusing finger at the "wannabee" abductees, the truth is that when people begin to get suspicious about themselves, it is often for a very good reason.

We all grow up hiding many truths from ourselves, and along with those secrets, we hide the strange occurrences from childhood that never made sense. Ghosts coming out of the bedroom closet at night, or the imaginary friend in the house no one else could see, or the face staring in a second floor bedroom window at night, along with so many other unbelievable moments -- all these things we hide from our inquisitive minds.

To find out if you have been abducted involves exploring your experiences with an open mind. Finding a qualified hypnotherapist in your area is best obtained from personal contact with others. Connecting with others interested in UFOs is one way. Thumbing through books at the bookstore is another way, as many of the best books out there are written by the hypnotherapists. They list their names, addresses and phone numbers in their books. Keep in mind most hypnotherapists work for a living and charge their usual hourly rate. Some charge double the standard rate for hypnosis, which is excessive in our opinion.

Some researchers and therapists have sent us information about their services and it is listed here at the web site. You can also post this to the Alien Abduction Discussion Group bulletin board and identify what city and state or country you are from to see if anyone knows of someone in your geographic area.

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