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Questions and Answers: Are my out-of-body experiences really alien abductions?

Questions and Answers

Are my out-of-body experiences really alien abductions?

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Are my out-of-body experiences really alien abductions? What is the relationship, if any, between abduction experiences and out-of-body (OBE's) experiences? Over the last few years, I have had some experiences which I think are OBE's. However, in one such experience, I ended up in a room, in a horizontal position, with a number of small beings around me. I'm not even sure if I was lying on a table or anything; it seemed like maybe these beings were actually holding me suspended in that position.

I only caught a brief glance of these beings. The next thing I remember is being back at home, lying on the couch. Because of the circumstances which preceded my arrival into this room (see below), my original categorization of these beings was that they were Oriental looking females. But since then, I have begun to question the nature of these beings. They were short, and had large slanted eyes!

To backtrack, this OBE experience began as I lay on the couch one morning. I had slept on the couch, just awoken, and was still lying there with my eyes closed. All of a sudden, it felt like two strong hands grabbed me by the ankles, and pulled my legs up over my head! At the same time this was happening, my body seemed to vibrate, and I heard a deafening roar in my ears.

The next thing I knew, I was outside, flying through the air! I was still in a horizontal position. I was not inside a spaceship or anything. It felt like something was propelling me through the air. I couldn't see anything or anybody around me, but it felt like the "force" pushing me through the air was coming from the area around my feet. It was early morning, so there was enough light to see the ground below. I distinctly remember looking down over my shoulder, and seeing the large screen and empty parking lot of a drive in theatre below. The next thing I remember is flying over what looked to be the business district of a city.

I was pretty low, about the height of the traffic lights. I remember thinking that I must be invisible to the people I saw walking below; otherwise, they would certainly be freaking out! I wondered what city I was in, and I heard people talking in what sounded like Japanese or Chinese. I then went through the wall of a building, and into a coffee shop, flying right over the heads of people drinking coffee and reading newspapers. Then I went through another wall and ended up in the room I mentioned above. As stated, I found myself still in a horizontal position. I glanced around me, and for a quick second glimpsed small beings standing all around me. It seemed like they were holding me up in this horizontal position. I was them back home on the couch.

Because it appeared to me that I was in either a Japanese or Chinese city, and the beings around me were short with slanted eyes, I interpreted them as being Oriental. They seemed female; I'm not sure why. Until recently, I was completely convinced that this was an OBE. It has some of the characteristic OBE occurrences -- the vibrations, the roaring sound. But recently I heard something about aliens planting false dreams or memories to camouflage abductions.

What do you think? Could my OBE in really be an abduction experience? Thanks in advance for any insight you can give to help clarify what happened to me.


Your out-of-body experience is identical to an alien abduction experience. In fact, it probably was an abduction experience. Did you know many abductions occur in the out-of-body state? Another phenomenon, more difficult to comprehend, is that many abductions such as yours involve the entire physical body. The aliens are able to pull your entire physical body through the walls, windows, and space. When this happens, abductees often assume they are in the out-of-body state, when in fact, they are not. They are flying through solid objects with their physical bodies. True, we do not possess the technology on Earth to accomplish this on our own. However, the aliens are quite capable of assisting our bodies do this for us.

Flying above the cities and towns is also reported by other abductees. It is very likely you were invisible to any people on the ground or who would have been looking out their windows. That is why no one appeared to notice you flying overhead.

Most abductees are capable of out-of-body travel. No one knows why abductees as a group are capable of this over and above the rest of the population. It is like asking, what came first, the chicken or the egg?

We are very interested in learning more about the Oriental alien females you saw. Can you send us a quick sketch or outline of what they looked like? We have a drawing of an Oriental Female Alien for you to see in the art section. Write back and let us know if you recognize her.

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