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Questions and Answers: Is it alien or astral sex?

Questions and Answers

Is it alien or astral sex?

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I noticed the account about the woman having sex with the guy who could travel astrally. I think she's telling the truth, because even though I've never spoken to anyone about this, I've had numerous sexual encounters like hers, with various types of beings. When they first started happening, I would just feel all the sensations (hands touching me, the pressure of a body on top of me, the sensation of someone sitting on the bed next to me), without actually seeing anything. They always started in bed, while I was asleep. I would wake up with the encounter in progress.

Later, from time to time, I did actually get a glimpse of the beings. I usually sleep on my stomach or side, and the being would usually be positioned behind me. In several encounters, in a groggy state, I glanced behind me and saw a being. The first time I saw one, the best description I can give is that it reminded me of a "mummy." Another time it was a very handsome guy with blond hair. I actually talked to that one a little. I asked him his name, and he gave me an answer, but I didn't write it down and can't remember it.

I hate to even mention the other being I saw, because it sounds so weird and impossible. But here goes. Once I glanced around and I saw a reptilian-looking thing! Even stranger is that the encounter felt perfectly normal, like it was with a normal human male -- I never felt any scaly skin or claws or anything. I can't explain that aspect.

I want to make it clear that all these experiences were very enjoyable, albeit very strange. And although I was in a groggy state when they occurred, I never felt like I was being forced to participate. In fact, when I later became concerned about these experiences, and wanted them to stop, they did (or at least I don't remember them anymore.)

I became concerned about these experiences for a couple of reasons. First of all, they started happening at a time in my life when I had decided to focus on "spiritual" matters, and I couldn't understand why I started "attracting" this type of experience. Plus they were so weird, especially the reptilian thing. Because of this, I never made the experiences "concrete" memories by writing them down, as I did my OBE's. I enjoyed them, but was content to just let them fade from my memory.

The real concern arose however, from two specific events. The first is related to the OBE I wrote you about. Remember the beginning of that OBE, where it felt like two strong hands grabbed me around the ankles, and pulled me out of my body? Well, prior to that OBE (at the same time the sexual encounters were happening), I had a frightening experience of someone violently grabbing my feet, and I had associated that experience with the sexual encounters.

Here is what happened. I had been lying in bed, when all of a sudden it felt like two strong hands grabbed me by the ankles, and violently pulled my legs together. The force scared me so much, that I jumped up out of the bed, and ran to my front door, planning to run out into the street. However, with my hand on the doorknob, I turned to see if anyone was coming after me, and there was nothing.

At the time this happened (before the full fledged OBE), I though the feet stuff was related to the sexual encounters I was having. I worried that this "sex" was getting out of hand, too rough for me. Plus, at the same time, I heard this story about a woman who claimed to have been brutally raped and beaten up by aliens or ghosts or some type of interdimensional beings! Supposedly, she had actual physical bruises to prove it!

Well, that was it for me. I did all I could to try and let these beings know they were not welcome in my bedroom anymore. I sent them telepathic messages, blessed my bedroom with sage, etc. And in fact, the experiences seemed to cease. At least, I don't remember them anymore.

Of course, now I know the feet thing was not connected to the sexual encounters, but was, in fact, the beginning of an OBE (or alien abduction). Maybe I was a bit rash in banishing these creatures from my bedroom. After all, the experiences were very enjoyable.

I would really appreciate input from other women out there who have had similar experiences. Since I had these encounters, and the other woman who wrote in did also, I think this is probably happening to a large number of women. Come on, be bold, tell the truth, and share your experiences! Hopefully by others sharing what happened to them I can tell if there is really any danger involved.


Prior to the 1980's, your encounters would have been automatically attributed to ghosts. However, there has been enough contact with abductees to recognize that what was once perceived to be ghost activity may really be contact with beings from other dimensions or worlds. Ghost-rape victims were occasionally featured on previous TV episodes of "Unsolved Mysteries" and "Sightings." These bruised and battered women dreaded going to bed at night and were clearly terrified of their invisible rapists.

Out of body experiences (OBEs) are difficult to understand for those who have never experienced them. However, a good OBE is as good as, or better than, the best sex! It is an experience that enervates every cell of your body and leaves you feeling ecstatic and joyful for days. Sex in the astral state has been in recorded history for at least a thousand years.

During the Middle English period from 1100 to 1500 A.D., nighttime sex with spirits was explained this way: For females, the incubus was believed to be an evil spirit which descended upon sleeping women and girls for the purpose of having forced sex with them. For males, this evil spirit was known as the succubus. Stories of being raped by these spirits or astral sex partners has unfolded during hypnotic regressions but with a new twist. The twist is that what appears to be the start of a sexual assault proves to be an abduction. Dr. David Jacobs has a good example of this in his book Secret Life, page 50.

Your various astral or OBE sex partners have widely different characteristics. Here is a quick synopsis of your bedtime visitors based on the collective experiences of other abductees:

An alien "mummy" is mentioned in The Field Guide to Extraterrestrials by Patrick Huyghe. This creature stood about five feet tall and was so gray and rough that the witnesses thought it looked like a mummy on pages 60 - 61. The legs stayed together like a mummy's and never moved apart. The creature had a slit for a mouth and points for ears and a nose. After the humans were abducted, examined and returned to Earth, the alien mummy told them their group was peaceful. That's like a robber telling you he is really a nice person.

The blond normal-looking male you described may have been one of the Nordic aliens. The only difficulty with this explanation is that so far, the Nordics seem to have little physical interaction with humans. Instead, they tend to engage with humans on a parental or academic level.

Reptilian aliens are another story. Most people dread these renegade space creatures with their insatiable appetite for sex with humans. However, the fact that you found "his" skin to feel like a normal male could indicate he was not truly a Reptilian, but something else. But what? Very little is known about the Reptilians, though the majority of known Reptilian encounters involve Reptilian males raping Earth women. There is almost no indication that the Reptilian interest in sex has anything to do with procreation. Rather, the focus appears to be pure lust.

Feeling hands attempt to pull you out of your body could have been associated with a potential sex partner. It could also be aliens pulling you out of your body. A case currently under our observation is a woman being abducted regularly so the aliens can train her to have an OBE. Another explanation for the tugging is that you can sometimes feel the snap of separating from or returning to your physical body during an OBE. Sometimes, the transition is scary or unpleasant.

Did you ever examine the time sequence between your sexual or OBE experiences? If so, you may discover a 6 week or longer cycle occurring. It is possible your sexual activity was a "screen memory" (disguise) for abduction activity. The purpose of the abduction activity could have been reproductive.

Your interest in the spiritual side of life may be due more to the point where you are at in your life. With the onset of public awareness, most people are in their forties when they first realize the alien connection with their own lives, though some are in their thirties. No doubt as the subject becomes more widely accepted, younger people will realize their involvement. It is very possible that your awareness of alien abductions was sufficient to cause you to explore your life history more fully.

You are probably not in any danger. OBEs are exhilarating experiences, though once in a while they can be terrifying if the wrong entity is encountered. Last, but not least, here is another notion for you to ponder: Almost without exception, abductees are able to experience OBEs. It is unknown when or where abductees learn this skill. Are they born with it? If not, how do they acquire it? Like the chicken or the egg, what came first, the person who knew how to do OBE, or the alien who taught the person how? That is one of the questions researchers are divided on.

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