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Questions and Answers: Are aliens really real?

Questions and Answers

Are aliens really real?

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What proof does anyone have of there really being aliens? I heard that crop circles were just made from a special kind of wind, and that any sightings are probably just weather balloons or planes or something. So, I am very skeptical of there being any life in space.

--question from Canada


Yes, aliens are real. Proof is in the faith of those of who have seen and experienced these visitors from another time or place. Many skeptics say the wind created crop circles. We suppose the skeptics believe there are good winds and bad winds. Good winds must create pretty crop circles and bad winds destroy people's homes. Of course, wind is just wind. Farmers refer to the devil's wind which swirls through the fields. It blows dirt around. But it doesn't create crop circles.

It is easy to say that balloons or planes are UFOs, unless you have seen a UFO for yourself. The moment you do, you are never the same again. You change. You become a believer, and since this is something most people don't believe in, it is equivalent to having a profound religious experience. It is personal, it changes you, and it is forever.

From a scientific perspective, there was a cosmic evolution about 5 billion years ago. During this second stage, new suns were born which contained all 92 natural elements. (Remember those charts of the elements that teachers hung on the walls in science class? Well, those were the 92 elements which created the planets.) The suns began to form planets from these elements. Our own Milky Way galaxy contains over 100 billion stars just like our own sun. So, even if we conservatively estimate that only one out of every 100,000 suns developed its own planetary system like our sun and Earth, that would mean there are one million solar systems just like our own in the Milky Way galaxy.

Now, multiply our own Milky Way galaxy by the "billions and billions" of galaxies that Carl Sagan talked about, and suddenly, you discover the numbers are overwhelming in favor of there being life in space. So, mathematically-speaking, there is NO chance of there NOT being life in space. It's out there, it's real, and yes, they found us first.

1Children of the Universe by Hoimar Von Ditfurth, translated from the German text, published by Atheneum Publishers, Rahway, New Jersey, 1974, page 287.

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