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Questions and Answers: What is a typical alien abduction like?

Questions and Answers

What is a typical alien abduction like?

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What is a typical abduction like?


Abductions happen in many different ways, but the majority of abductees experience some variation of this abduction at some point in their lives: while drifting off to sleep, the person may see small beings with oversized heads and large eyes hovering around the bed or tugging at the bedding or touching them. Most people panic at this point and many are unable to recall anything after that. It's as if an instant case of amnesia has been induced. (Many children experience this but are ridiculed in the morning by parents who tell them they have over-active imaginations.)

But for those people who do remember, they are escorted (carried, dragged, walked, or floated) out of their bedrooms either through an open door or window, or the aliens help them pass right through solid matter (doors or ceilings) into a beam of white light which pulls the person and the aliens up into the UFO. The lesser skilled aliens are forced to walk people through out the door and across a lawn to a waiting UFO. These people usually walk up a small ramp to enter the UFO.

The people who are still conscious at this point often lose all memory at the point of entry into the UFO. Researchers have nicknamed this event "doorway amnesia." However, for those people who are able to hang on to conscious memory, they remember entering the UFO and are met by one or more small beings who escort them to an examining table. Escort may mean any of the previous methods (carried, dragged, walked, or floated) and then made to lay face up on the table. At some point the person may discover most or all of his or her clothing has been removed.

Then the aliens begin conducting a physical examination of the person. The aliens often take samples of blood, hair, nails, skin, rectal material, sperm or ova (unfertilized eggs). Some people recall having a variety of machinery scan their bodies. Others recall being probed by the aliens with various tools that hurt. Sometimes an implant is inserted into a nostril high up in a sinus cavity, or the implant may be placed under or behind the eye, or in the hands, feet, neck or other parts of the body. Sometimes an alien bends over and stares deeply into the person's eyes causing a variety of mental imagery or loss of consciousness. That is another point where people lose consciousness of their abduction.

When the examination is over, the person is allowed to get dressed. Often the aliens will tell him or her what a good job they did and how they will not be able to remember the experience afterward. The aliens will often make warnings or suggest changes that are needed on Earth and conclude by giving the person a tour of the UFO. The aliens escort the person back to his bed in the same fashion. Some people regain conscious control at the point of return and recall being literally dropped into bed from above! Others may see the aliens departing through an open door or literally through a solid wall.

In the morning, the person awakens and may recall some of the events as lucid (vivid) dreams. What will puzzle the person is the blood stain on the pillow from the implant or unexplainable scars, marks or bruises on the arms, legs, toes, head, neck, etc. In a few bizarre cases, people have awakened in the morning to find themselves wearing their pajamas inside out or backwards, or wearing someone else's clothing!

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