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Questions and Answers: Am I an abductee?

Questions and Answers

Am I an abductee?

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I don't know if I have been abducted or not, but I feel that there were many attempts to try to abduct me, and I feel in some way that I may have resisted, the abductions. For many years especially as a child and even now on occasions, I have suddenly woken up, at night paralysed, unable to move a muscle, except for my eyes, as I look around my room, I have seen a dark figure standing at the side or end of my bed, or I have sensed someone there. Am I an abductee?

I usually feel as if their is a heavy weight pressing down on me, and a most unbelievable fear, you could never imagine, and I felt that something was trying to control me and take over my mind and body, and I felt that I was going to blackout, but the strange thing is, was that I used to fight and resist this thing, by the power of my mind, I used to say the Lords prayer, over and over again, fighting with my mind to resist what ever was taking over my mind, and struggling to resist the feeling of letting go or giving in to it, and blacking out, by consentrating on the Lords Prayer, I used to feel that they where winning.

After what seemed maybe five or ten minutes, I would very suddenly feel this weight lift, and the fear suddenly leave, and I would dive under the bed clothes, till I fell asleep. This has been happening to me since I was a child, I used to also see ghosts and grinning green faces floating in the air.

I have been told that I have a very strong mind power, and I feel that I resisted what ever was in the room, but I could be wrong and maybe they did succeed some times, because I feel that I have an implant behind my left ear. Some times I hear a strange vibration, or buzzing coming from that area behind my ear, and also a clicking sound like crickets that constantly comes and goes.

I also suddenly started suffering from bad migraines, which I feel is connected in some way to the area behind my left ear. Can you tell me if this means that I have been abducted, and have others found they have resisted, abductions, in the same way that I have? I am also very very fascinated with everything to do with extraterrestrials, and U.F.Os, and I feel that I have been in one. I am mostly interested in the good aliens, i.e., the Pleiadians, and feel a connection with them. As I am typing this letter to you, this spot behind my ear has suddenly started buzzing, and suddenly it feels as if, there has developed a feeling of pressure there. What do you think, have I been abducted or not?

--question from Australia


Yes, you have probably been abducted many times. Your experiences certainly match those of other abductees. The dark figure near the bed, or the shadowy green faces you saw as a child are all probably indicators. The heavy weight pressing down on your body has been described by many men and women as the precursor to an abduction. However, some women report the heaviness on their bodies as beings or aliens attempting to or having sexual intercourse with them. Some of their questions are answered at the web site.

If you find that reciting the Lord's Prayer helps you, then do it. Whether it is the Lord's Prayer that works, or the fact that reciting something that gives you strength, is not important. What is important is that you have found a method to help you cope and remain in control.

Other people have reported hearing a variety of buzzing or humming noises. They also feel the same buzzing sensation you described when talking or writing about this subject with others. Many researchers and abductees believe these sounds are the forerunner of an abduction that is just beginning. Some people feel the sounds are the byproducts of the mental communication that occurs when the aliens come to pickup their person.

As to bad migraines, abductees are plagued with migraines and bad sinus headaches. It is generally accepted the reason for the migraine and sinus pain is due to the implants but this has not been verified medically. The belief is that undergoing these surgical procedures causes these problem headaches.

In the 1950's, George Adamski received notoriety for his alleged contact with good aliens billed as "space brothers." In the 1970's, a one-armed Swiss man by the name of Billy Meier, acquired his own cult following by claiming regular contact with more good aliens, the Pleiadians. Both men took incredible photographs of UFOs, many of which were challenged for a variety of reasons. But both men can take credit for enhancing the notion that maybe there were some good aliens out there.

Your desire to associate with good aliens is understandable. Many abductees have negative experiences and never go beyond feeling helpless and victimized. Keep your attitude positive.

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