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Questions and Answers: Are aliens hostile or friendly?

Questions and Answers

Are aliens hostile or friendly?

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Are aliens hostile or kind, and does it effect your whole family or just certain family members?

-- question from South Africa


Some aliens are hostile and some are kind. Aliens are as different as people. Most people are terrified of their abduction experiences until they learn coping skills. Learning how to cope is one of the things an abductee can learn from our website. Most abductions involve unwilling family members. Therefore, if a person is being abducted, it is likely that the person's mother or father has been abducted. It is equally likely the person will discover one or more of his or her children have been abducted as well.

We know of one household where this pattern is not the case. The teenage daughter is the only family member singled out for abductions. However, this is not so strange when one learns the daughter was adopted at birth and is not biologically related to anyone else in the household. Therefore, knowing that aliens are very interested in her genetic heritage, we can presume this daughter's biological brothers, sisters, or parents, are part of the abduction scenario, no matter where they live.

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