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Questions and Answers: Was I abducted as a young child from the side yard?

Questions and Answers

Was I abducted as a young child from the side yard?

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I remember when I was a kid I was in the side yard and I saw this orange and red round object in the sky. Then it was in front of me. It was huge. The next thing I remember was it getting smaller and going in the sky. I ran in the house. It seemed like I lost time. It was dark outside and I can't remember anything in that time. I am trying to remember but I can't. When I am outside at night I feel like I am being watched. Sometimes during working or walking I have flashbacks but I don't understand it. In the last year it has gotten real bad when I am walking. I can picture the distance between objects or the speed of moving objects. It's weird. I really have a need to remember. I feel like I am weird.

-- question from Florida


First of all, you are not weird. If you read the messages on the bulletin board and all the information at this web site, you will find there are many abductees out there. You will soon stop feeling weird.

Based on what you have described, you are starting the process of remembering childhood abductions. Remembering will occur through flashbacks which may be triggered when you are outside or walking alone, or doing whatever you were doing at the time of the childhood abduction.

Behavioral psychology labels this a "discriminative stimulus," or S.D. This means you experience or see something when you are out walking, for example, that triggers (stimulates) the discovery of a buried memory of you doing that same thing as a kid at the time of the abduction.

The part you can't remember is known as "missing time." It is lost time because you have no memory of it. At least not yet.

You may find clues to what happened to you in your dreams at night. You are starting to remember now because you have reached a point in life where you realize it is "OK" to question the strange incidents in your life which you may have avoided dealing with when you were younger. You are older now and better able to accept these childhood abductions as a genuine part of your life.

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