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Questions and Answers: Is my doctor an alien?

Questions and Answers

Is my doctor an alien?

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I think my doctor is an alien. I know I was pregnant with an alien baby, but my doctor insisted that it was a hernia. I know it wasn't. I've had 5 children in my life! I know what it feels like to be pregnant. He is saying that I couldn't have been pregnant because I went through the change [menopause] a few years ago, but we both know that aliens have the technology to do whatever they please. My children convinced me that I should go and get my hernia removed by telling me they would put me in a home if I didn't because I couldn't take care of myself. I know that my doctor has my baby and I have been trying to communicate with his people with my CB [Citizens' Band] radio. I need help.

--question from Montana


You certainly have struggled with this subject. Your family doesn't believe you and probably feel very helpless. Perhaps we can shed some light on this difficult subject for you.

First, knowing what we do about aliens, your doctor is probably not an alien. This does not mean you do not recognize the feelings of pregnancy. It's just there was no medical confirmation. However, there are some confirmed cases of missing fetuses. We say missing because the pregnancy had been confirmed medically prior to the unexplained disappearance of the fetus.

We have not heard of aliens communicating by CB radio. CB's do not fit their hi-tech lifestyle. Try reading the other questions and articles at this web site. They will give you a better understanding of just how superior alien technology is to our own. It may help you see aliens in a new light. It may also answer more of your questions.

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