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Questions and Answers: Is there any truth to the Dulce Papers?

Questions and Answers

Is there any truth to the Dulce Papers?

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I have heard about the existence of the Dulce Papers which talks about the existence of an alien-human base under Area 51. There is said to be a man who possesses these papers and I want to know why he hasn't come forward and if there is anything that we can do to make him come forward.


For readers unfamiliar with this topic, the alleged Dulce Papers contain documents that discuss various metals, light rays, and an underground alien-human conspiracy. The papers describe how aliens eat blood taken from cattle and absorb atomic nourishment for food through their hands. Humans are supposedly captured and kept alive in vats of liquid for various bizarre purposes.

Reproduction and genetic mutation is part of this complex scenario. Supposedly, the story surfaced when one individual escaped from the underground Dulce facility with documents detailing this strange wild tale.

Unfortunately, this type of story builds on people's fear of the unknown such as aliens and our mistrust of government. These stories survive because they explain people's fear of the unknown. A bumper sticker on the back of a car explained it the best:

I love my country. I fear my government.

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